Software Testing & Automation

Our proficient testing team, composed of seasoned experts, is dedicated to ensuring excellence throughout your entire digital ecosystem. We strive to uphold the highest standards of quality, performance, and reliability for every aspect of your software

Are You Facing These Challenges?

Software testing is a critical phase in software development, and customers may experience several pain points related to it. These pain points can result in delays, increased costs, and customer dissatisfaction. Here are some common pain points customers may encounter in software testing
Delays and problematic releases can result in downtime
Difficulties arise when automating legacy controls and third-party controls
Customers discovering defects in production can indicate low quality
Unable to find qualified and affordable resources
Testing creates a bottleneck that hinders faster and more frequent releases
Slow ramp-up and ramp-down of in-house resources
Inadequate testing during each sprint leads to falling behind on testing

Lacking in-house expertise

Automated test cases are difficult to maintain due to non-standardized test case designs that depend on individuals

Maintaining an in-house phone/device lab is a hassle

Delays and problematic releases can lead to downtime

Customers finding defects in production, low quality

Testing is a bottleneck to releasing faster and more frequently

Insufficient testing for each sprint, falling behind on testing

Automated TCs are difficult to maintain, non-standardized test case design depended on individuals

Difficulties automating legacy controls and third party controls

Unable to find qualified and affordable resources

Slow to ramp up and down in-house resources

Lacking in-house expertise

Hassle with maintaining an in-house phone/device lab

Our Solutions


Manual, Test Automation and DevOps expertise


Staff are at an affordable price


Ramp up and down timely


Customized testing teams that can work on the testing backlog, and also in-spring testing in parallel


Secured office/network for your unreleased products, IP protection.  We work with your security team to upload your security policies


Phone/device rentals, or we maintain your devices 


Automation and DevOps solutions that can shorten the testing cycle, overnight regression testing possible


Test case design best practices


Automation tool agnostic, we can use your existing tools, or make recommendations


The Test Automation Group supports customization to seamlessly automate your application, incorporating both legacy and third-party controls (available to TestArchitect only)

How Can We Help You?

Addressing these pain points requires a combination of technical solutions, process improvements, and organizational changes. At LogiGear, we prioritize active listening and in-depth analysis of your unique challenges. This enables us to tailor solutions that align seamlessly with your requirements and financial constraints

What Are Your Benefits?

With our best practices in test case design, automated test cases are maintainable, scalable, and readable.

Able to test and release at a higher frequency.

Higher quality, smoother releases, and significant downtime reduction.

Reduced testing backlog, increased automation coverage

Reduced production issues found (fewer support tickets), hence cutting down the number of support agents.

Compatibility testing without the need to maintain a phone/device lab

What Are Your Benefits?

With our Test case design best practices, automated TCs are: Maintainable, Scalable, Readable

Higher quality, smooth releases, significant downtime reduction

Decreased production issues found by customers, resulting in fewer customer support tickets, and therefore fewer customer support agents needed

Able to testing and release at a higher frequency

Reduced testing backlog, increased automation coverage

Compatibility testing without the need to maintain a phone/device lab

Our Services

We can assist you with any aspect of your testing requirements

Test Design

We’re experts in test design, boasting a successful track record of over 28 years and more than 3000 projects delivered. With such extensive experience, we have a wealth of knowledge to draw from.

Test Automation

Work with our expert test automation engineers; our advanced tools and methods ensure swift and consistent testing cycles.

Manual Testing

Rely on our hands-on manual testing. Our expert testers ensure every feature works seamlessly, catching nuances that automation might miss.

API Testing

At LogiGear, our extensive experience in software testing has enabled us to make meaningful contributions to hundreds of projects.

Web Testing

Elevate your website’s user experience with our specialized testing solutions, ensuring optimal performance across all browsers and devices

Mobile Testing

Ensure your mobile app delivers a seamless experience on every device with our rigorous testing methodologies tailored for mobile platforms

Games Testing

Ensure flawless gameplay with our specialized games testing. We pinpoint bugs, optimize performance, and enhance the player experience

Scalable Load Testing

Prepare your application for peak user volumes and ensure scalability with our rigorous load testing methodologies

Strategic QA Planning

Craft a robust QA roadmap with our strategic planning services, ensuring alignment with your business goals


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