Letter from Editor – December 2016

Our plan for the December LogiGear Magazine was to have a forward-looking Trends and Challenges issue. However, whilst assembling our September issue on SMAC, we realized the momentum SMAC was gaining in the industry. We had a large amount of content on our hands from a range of excellent contributors. Thus, we decided to split …

How to Test Your Data Warehouse

To start with, we need a Test schedule. The same is created in the process of developing the Test plan. In this schedule, we have to estimate the time required for testing of the entire Data Warehouse system. There are different methodologies available to create a Test schedule. None of them are perfect because the …

The A&C of SMAC: Analytics and Cloud

In the last issue on testing the SMAC stack we talked about the social and mobile aspects of testing. We will be referring to them in this article. In this issue part 2, we focus on the Analytics and Cloud aspect. The goal of this article is to understand a simple landscape of analytics and cloud.

Calendar of Events

Upcoming software test-related conferences   Webinar: Not your Mother’s Game Testing Michael Hackett and Stephen Copp Anki’s Stephen Copp and LogiGear’s Michael Hackett discuss the new reality of game testing, the skills involved and where game testing is going in an online webinar that happened earlier this month.