Leader’s Pulse: Managing the Knowledge Worker

  For leaders and managers in the post Agile development world there has been a fundamental shift in how staff are managed, directed and supported. This shift is catching up with the modern management theory that has been around for the last 50 years which was only really theorized for many people and not actually …

Top 10 Testing Trends for 2017

As our world continues its digital transformation with excitement in the advancement and convergence of so many technologies- from AI, machine learning, big data and analytics, to device mesh connectivity, nor should we forget VR and AR- 2017 promises to be a year that further transforms the way we work, play and take care of …

Keep an Eye on Agile in 2017

Keeping an eye on the horizon in the testing world is an important part of staying in the game. Hans is no stranger to looking to the future with eyes wide and ears open. His expertise is what makes Hans valuable at the STARWEST Expo, which he recently delivered two talks to.

Demystifying Security Testing

This article provides a path on the security testing journey. It is designed to present concepts fundamental to security testing web applications and guide you on where and how to begin. This is not intended to be all-encompassing, but will provide waypoints to guide your security testing journey.

Infographic: 5 Parts of a Successful DevOps Implementation

    LogiGear Corporation LogiGear Corporation provides global solutions for software testing, and offers public and corporate software-testing training programs worldwide through LogiGear University. LogiGear is a leader in the integration of test automation, offshore resources and US project management for fast and cost-effective results. Since 1994, LogiGear has worked with hundreds of companies from …