Continuous Testing in the Retail Industry

In today’s retail marketplace, digital channels hold a prominent and often central position. Modern software practices emphasize the need for rapid development and deployment. The retail world is no exception to this need for speed. Continuous Testing is a great strategy for getting increasing velocity.

Leader’s Pulse: What Is The Value Of A Manager’s Role In Modern Tech Organizations?

Do managers even matter? That’s a good question.  This is the question some MBA students asked for a research project at Google. They called the research, data gathered, findings, implementation, and follow-up “Project Oxygen.” It focused on gathering data regarding what qualities staff perceived would make a “good manager.” The results were not surprising. But, …

In the News – June 2020

Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre To Open With Emphasis On Security Testing And Training The South Australian government has invested just over $6 million USD into the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), and it’s scheduled to open on July 1, 2020. “[It] will create a nation-leading cyber ecosystem in Australia that contributes to economic growth,” said …

Letter From The Editor – March 2020

Methods and strategy have been my favorite topics since I started working in testing. It’s essentially engineering problem-solving. It’s both looking for efficiency and attempting to measure effectiveness. So, how do we develop a set of practices to solve our Software Testing engineering problems?