3months are a 16 year old, independent software services company with offices in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. We specialise in helping organisations of all sizes (from entrepreneurs through to large corporates, government agencies and international advertising agencies) conceive and build new generation web & mobile software solutions, fast.
Aaron Schildkrout
Aaron Schildkrout is co-founder and co-CEO of HowAboutWe, where he runs product.
Abhijit Phatak
Originator, innovator and creator for mAutomate a Cloud enabled mobile automation testing solution from Impetus Technologies. Abhijit has 10+ years of experience in the field of mobile applications and has worked on all mobile technologies starting from BREW, Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and .NET.
Adrian Woodhead
Adrian is a hands-on technical team lead at in London where he works with a team focusing on the services behind the scenes that power the popular music website. Prior to this Adrian worked in Amsterdam for 2 mobile startups (both of which failed), a bank (good money but dull), a content management system (even duller), a digital rights company (good in theory, evil in practice) and in South Africa for a multimedia company. You can visit his website at
Alejandra M. Clemente
Although Alejandra (Alix) Clemente focused her university years on business and management, she was realized to have a knack for writing at an early age. Throughout her life, Alix has written and edited for various publications. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree, Alix chose to reside in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, whilst holding the role of Managing Editor at LogiGear.
Alex Martins
Alex is currently working at CA Technologies as the CTO for Continuous Testing. He has more than 18 years of experience in large-scale application design, development and testing. For the last 13 years Alex has been focused on software quality engineering and testing discipline as the pillars for DevOps transformations. He led HP’s Global Testing Innovation capability creating Continuous Testing offerings to support Digital Transformation initiatives and was one of the Innovation leaders in Cognizant’s Mobile and IoT QA practice.
Alister Scott
Alister is an Excellence Wrangler for at Automatic. He has extensive experience in automated software testing and establishing quality engineering cultures in lean cross-functional software development teams. He lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and three sons, and writes a popular software testing blog at
Allan Kelly
Allan Kelly has held just about every job in the software world, from system admin to development manager by way of programmer and product manager. Allan works for Software Strategy providing consulting and training to help teams adopt and deepen agile practices. He specialises in working with software product companies and aligning products and processes with company strategy.
Amol Kher
Amol is the Chief Technical Officer at Wello, a startup that focuses on connecting users with trainers over live video. He is currently developing a mobile app for the product. In his previous job, he was the engineering manager for the tools and test team at Netflix mobile team and was responsible for shipping the Netflix Mobile app on the iOS, Android and AppleTV platforms. Prior to Netflix, he was an early engineer on the Chrome for Android team at Google.
Andrey Pronin
Andrey has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and has spent over 20 years in various roles related to software development. He is currently SVP of Strategy, Technology and Marketing at Auriga, and a board member of RUSSOFT, association of software development companies. Auriga is a leading software engineering services provider (
Andy Sealock
Andy Sealock has over 15 years of experience in leading large, complex outsourcing transactions and strategic sourcing programs. In managing projects for Fortune 500 clients, including several deals in excess of a billion dollars in value, he has been instrumental in helping clients innovate and maintain competitive advantage. He has a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech University and an MBA from Seton Hall University. He can be reached at
Andy Tinkham
Andy Tinkham is the QA practice director for C2 Solutions, a Minneapolis-based consultancy that focuses on QA, development, PM/BA, and BI. He is also the principal photographer at Geeky Monkey Photography, capturing pictures of Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior and beyond. Find him on most social media platforms as Andy Tinkham.
Anne-Marie Charrett
Anne-Marie Charrett is a test consultant and runs her own company Testing Times. An electronic engineer by trade, software testing chose her, when in 1990 she started conformance testing against European standards. She was hooked and has been testing since then.
Arnout Vandecappelle
Arnout is a Sr. Embedded Software Architect at Essensium/Mind. He has extensive experience in embedded system design, with a particular interest in software debugging.
Atin Chak
Atin Chak is a Senior Automation QA at 360Logica Testing Services. He has expertise in web application and desktop application testing with 10 years of experience.
Bas Vodde
Bas Vodde works for Odd-e, a company which supports organizations in improving their product development, mostly in Asia. Bas Vodde is a coach, programmer, trainer, and author related to modern agile and lean product development. He is the creator of the LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) framework for scaling agile development. He coaches organizations on three levels: organizational, team, individual/technical practices. He has trained thousands of people in software development, Scrum, and modern agile practices for over a decade.
Ben Rothke
Ben Rothke, CISSP, CISM, CISA is an information security manager with Wyndham Worldwide Corp., the world’s largest hospitality firm. Rothke has over 15 years of industry experience in information systems security and privacy. His areas of expertise are in risk management and mitigation, security and privacy regulatory issues, design & implementation of systems security, encryption, cryptography and security policy development, with a specialization in the financial services and aviation sectors. He is the author of “Computer Security – 20 Things Every Employee Should Know” (McGraw-Hill). He is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences, such as RSA and MISTI, and holds numerous industry certifications.
Bertrand Pithioud
I like marketing and I love technology. Engineering and Business background with over 10+ years in B2B SaaS Marketing. Effective interpersonal and analytical skills set, being advanced in communication with creative thinking abilities. I’m always curious about innovation because I’m passionate about IT and the role that new technologies can play in improving the lives of everyone who works in business, large or small. Connect with me on LinkedIn:
BJ Rollison
BJ Rollison runs a successful consulting practice built on his more than twenty-five years of experience in the software industry. His career at Microsoft began on the Windows 95 team and ended on the Windows Phone team.
Bob Galen
Agile Evangelist & Coach – Velocity Partners Bob Galen is an Agile Methodologist, Practitioner & Coach based in Cary, NC. In this role he helps guide companies and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift towards Scrum and other agile methodologies and practices. He is a Principal Agile Evangelist at Velocity Partners, a leading agile nearshore development partner. He is also President and Agile Trainer & Coach at RGCG. Bob regularly speaks at international conferences and professional groups on topics related to software development, project management, software testing and team leadership. He is a Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), and an active member of the Agile & Scrum Alliances. He’s published two agile related books: Scrum Product Ownership, in 2009 – 2’nd Edition in 2013 and Agile Reflections in 2012. He’s also a prolific writer & blogger (at – and podcaster (at Bob may be reached directly at: or or network via:
Bob Japenga
Bob Japenga has been designing embedded systems since 1973. In 1988 he started MicroTools with his best friend. MicroTools specializes in creating a wide variety of real time embedded systems. With a combined embedded systems experience base of over 150 years, they love to tackle impossible problems together. Bob has been awarded 11 patents in a variety of areas related to embedded systems and motion control. Bob and his wife Barbara live in Simsbury Connecticut. They have 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren.
Bogdan Bereza-Jarocinski
A trainer, quality specialist and owner of VictO (2004), Bereza-Jarocinski co-founded Swedish SAST (1995), Polish SJSI (2003), and Polish SPIN (2006). He is also founder and secretary general of ADPQB (2008). For more information on his academy, visit
Brad Heintz
Brad Heintz is the Lead iOS Developer at HowAboutWe. When he’s not bringing people better love through TDD, he’s tinkering, painting, or playing the Chapman Stick.
Brian Heys
Brian is a delivery-focused manager with a wealth of multi-disciplinary IT experience, the last fifteen years of which have been mainly in quality assurance and testing. He has been fortunate enough to work for some of the world’s largest companies using some of the latest technologies and tools. As well as being responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, Brian keeps a hand in the industry by being regularly involved in projects as an interim manager. He also runs The Naked Tester, a regularly updated blog. Sharing curated and created content about testing and quality assurance and all other fun things in life.
Brian Letwin
Brian has spent the last 10 years working in digital marketing, both on the agency and publisher side. He is the co-founder of, one of Vietnam’s leading English-language websites that specializes in local content and website development.
Bryan Pendleton
Bryan Pendleton is a software engineer living in Northern California. He works for Perforce Software as a server developer, and is also a committer on the Derby project at the Apache Software Foundation.
Bryce Johnson
Bryce is a Lead Build Engineer at Decree in Sydney Australia. As a build engineer he is a quality gateway between development and QA/Release and provides services and processes to ensure that quality. He has been working in the software industry since 1996 and specializes in SVN, Mercurial, Bamboo, Maven2, Ant, Ivy, Java, Unix, Linux, Shell Scripting, Continuous Integration and Puppet.
Cem Kaner
Cem Kaner J.D., Ph.D., is a Professor of Software Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology, and the Director of Florida Tech’s Center for Software Testing Education & Research (CSTER) since 2004. He is perhaps best known outside academia as an advocate of software usability and software testing.
Chris Riley
Chris represents the coders and practitioners that use @CloudShare as technology evangelist. He fancies himself a technologist & and a recognized industry expert in Content Management, Information Architecture, BigData, Text Analytics, and Cloud Virtualization. He commonly speaks and authors content on these topics.
Chris Stegall
Digital Marketing Director @ MK Partners. Salesforce lover, user, and constant learner.
Christian Touhey is pursuing a Finance major at Oregon State University. He is a member of the Divison-1 rowing team at the school and is on the board of members for the campus marketing club. Prior to his engagement with LogiGear as a Marketing Intern, Christian produced promotional videos for a Keller Williams broker and managed their social media presence. He is also on the media production team at a Bay Area community center.
Christine Paras
Christine Paras is Marketing Manager at LogiGear Corporation. Christine has over 8 years experience in Marketing, and has held prior roles at Movoto Real Estate and Notre Dame de Namur University. Christine graduated summa cum laude from Notre Dame de Namur University, and has a B.S. in Business Administration.
Clayton Simmons
Clayton Simmons has 10+ years in Enterprise Services Business. Clayton ran Cognizant’s Digital Assurance Practice in 2012 and lead an organization focused solely on testing digital enterprise digital solutions for both Mobile and IoT. He successfully rolled out Customer Experience (CX) Test offering which revolutionized the approach to the perceived quality quotient against traditional functional validation of so many other testing services at that time.
Clemens Reijnen
Clemens Reijnen is a management consultant at Sogeti, specializes in Application Lifecycle Management, he gives ALM courses throughout Europe and is a frequent speaker at conferences. Next to supporting teams to deliver better software Clemens also writes on the blog, where many articles and side projects can be found. His experience encompasses a deep knowledge and experience in software development.
Daniel Knott
Daniel is a mobile testing expert working as Senior Software Test Engineer at XING’s Android team. He started his software testing career in 2003 as a trainee at IBM Germany. After his time at IBM, Daniel studied computer science with a focus on software development and testing. Since 2009, Daniel has worked for companies such as Accenture, AOE and XING. In several agile development projects he tested web, desktop or mobile applications. However, mobile testing became his passion and since the beginning of 2011 he is working in the mobile development and testing industry. He worked and is working with several mobile test automation tools such as Robotium, Calabash for iOS/ Android, Espresso and Keep It Functional. With the help of this tools, he developed a fully automated testing environment for Android and iOS. Daniel likes to share his knowledge and therefore he started to share his experience on his blog at as well as in several testing magazines. Daniel is a well-known mobile expert, a speaker at various conferences in Europe and since 2014, he is the author of the book “Hands-On Mobile App Testing“, more information about the book can be found at Get in touch with Daniel: – XING: Profile ( )
Dave Farley
Dave has been experimenting with computers for over 30 years. During that span, he has worked on most types of software, from firmware, through tinkering with operating systems and device drivers, to writing games, and commercial applications. He started working on large-scale distributed systems about 25 years ago, doing research into the development of loose-coupled, message-based systems—a forerunner of SOA and Microservices in a product called NeWI.
David Greenlees
David Greenlees has been testing software for over 10 years. Many of these spent in one of Australia’s largest government departments, while more recently undertaking a consultant role in multiple organisations. He is a vocal and valued member of the Context-Driven Testing Community and is extremely passionate about the betterment of the software testing craft.He has published several articles and blogs regularly at and authoring a book on the subject of software testing and martial arts, his passion outside of work, David can be followed on Twitter @MartialTester.
David Johnson
David W. Johnson “DJ,” is a Senior Test Architect with over 25 years of experience in Information Technology across several business verticals, and has played key roles in business analysis, software design, software development, testing, disaster recovery and post implementation support.
David Silver
David Silver is head of self-driving cars at Udacity and is an active medium blogger. Learn to build self-driving cars with us:
David Taber
David Taber is the author of the Prentice Hall book, “ Secrets of Success,” a book on best practices for both the system implementer and company executives.David is also the CEO of SalesLogistix, a certified integrator with 100+ clients in the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and India. SalesLogistix specializes in improving business processes, policies, and people issues in concert with extending systems. He also serves as an expert witness for court cases involving SFA, CRM, and forecasting issues, and is a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association.David earned his BA and an MBA from the University of California. He has been a guest lecturer at the graduate business schools of the University of California and Carnegie Mellon University, and has taught at the University of California Berkeley extension.
Deepanshu Agarwal
Deepanshu Agarwal is a Software Testing professional, Team Lead and Consultant with a proven track record of 6.5+ years’ of strategic QA vision. An accomplished and result-driven professional with proven ability to direct and improve quality programs, thereby ensuring effective & efficient project delivery. He started blogging at Testing Mobile Apps, but later merged it into his other blog series at Software Testing Studio.
Diana Kontsevaia
Diana Kontsevaia is content marketing director at Intetics Co., a leading global sourcing company. Intetics Co creates specialized distributed teams for custom software development, data processing and systems integration. Using its unique Remote In-Sourcing model, Intetics can deliver the best talent to their clients. For the past 20 years the company has served over 200 clients worldwide.
Do Nguyen
Do Nguyen is a key member of the LogiGear team. He drives key roles in R&D for the company’s flagship product, TestArchitect, processes, and the organization’s services as a whole.

Do is passionate about understanding and solving complex test automation projects to help organizations continuously deliver higher quality software faster.
Dustin Rodgers
As a Technology Architect and Consultant, Dustin has more than 30 years of testing experience with User Interfaces (UI), User Experience (UX), Functionality, while managing ground-up software and website development projects. He routinely perform freelance testing for several large website, app, and software testing companies, servicing Fortune 500 companies around the world.
Edward Hill
Edward has worked at HP since 2007 is currently Sector Head—Retail and Consumer Goods at HP Software. His responsibilities include: the vertical transformation of the UK go-to-market strategy, sales execution for HP Software and to build a trusted, secure and vertically credible external perception of HPSW.
Elisabeth Hendrickson
Elisabeth Hendrickson founded her company as Quality Tree Consulting in 1997 to provide training and consulting in software quality and testing. She incorporated the company as Quality Tree Software, Inc. in 1998. In 2003, Elisabeth became involved with the Agile community. In 2005 she became a Certified Scrum Master and in 2006 she joined the board of directors for the Agile Alliance.
Emily Bache
Emily Bache is an independent consultant specializing in automated testing and Agile methods. With over 15 years of experience working as a software developer in organizations as diverse as multinational corporation to small startup, she has learnt to value the technical practices that underpin truly Agile teams. Emily is the author of “The Coding Dojo Handbook: a practical guide to creating a space where good programmers can become great programmers” and speaks regularly at international conferences such as Agile Testing Days and XP2013.
Emily Ngu
Emily Ngu is a Marketing Associate at LogiGear Corporation and manages LogiGear Magazine. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.
Eran Kinsbruner
Eran Kinsbruner is the mobile evangelist at Perfecto and the author of The Digital Quality Handbook, as well as a monthly columnist at He is a software engineering professional with nearly twenty years of experience at companies such as Matrix, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, Texas Instruments and NeuStar. He holds various industry certifications from ISTQB, CMMI, and others. Eran is a recognized mobile testing influencer and thought leader, as well as an experienced speaker in the major software engineering conferences. He is also a patent-holding inventor for a test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile J2ME testing, public speaker, researcher, and blogger. He can be found all over social media, including on Facebook, Twitter (@ek121268), LinkedIn, and his professional mobile testing blog.
Eric Landes
Eric has been working in the software field since 1986. He is currently a solution architect at Agile Thought where he engages in Agile coaching, consulting on ALM practices, good engineering practices and leading software teams.Eric specializes in Agile Project Management (XP/Scrum variant), Lean Software Development, Kanban, EPM, Enterprise Project Management implementation (Microsoft Project Server) and Software Project Management. He is a Microsoft MVP Visual Developer and Certified Scrum Master (CSM). You can read more from Eric at:
Eric Minick
Eric Minick is internationally recognized as a leading authority on continuous delivery and DevOps. Eric joined IBM four years ago with the acquisition of UrbanCode where he had worked as a developer, technical seller, and evangelist for a decade. Today, he has responsibility for leading the product management team overseeing continuous delivery solutions in IBM Hybrid Cloud software including the UrbanCode suite.
Evangeline Mitchell
Following highly sought out native-English speakers for teachers in Asia, are Filipinos.
Evgeni Kostadinov
Evgeni Kostadinov prefers the challenges associated with testing of various technologies. He has extensive experience with UI, API, DW, Performance and Mobile. He has worked mainly in projects with Java, .Net and NodeJS environments for Telecom, Financial, Marketing and Banking Institutions. He actively participates in the development of the company’s QA and CI processes and infrastructure. Evgeni currently works as a QA Manager, technical trainer, as well as a QA Challenge Accepted lecturer.
Farah Takhar
Farah Takhar is a Marketing Intern at LogiGear Corporation, where she assists on the creation and implementation of numerous social media, email, and writing campaigns. She currently attends UC Riverside, where she is pursuing a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing.
Fred Murphy
Fred Murphy grew up in Menlo Park where he started programming on a TRS-80. He received his degree in Computer Science from Loyola University in Maryland. Fred has done Software Quality Assurance Contracting around Silicon Valley at companies such as: Apple, Intel, Adobe, KLA Tencor, LogiGear, and many others. His hobbies include bicycling, classical keyboarding, and coding in C and Python. Fred currently lives in Mountain View.
Frits Bos
Frits Bos is a veteran of over 30 years in IT, and a witness to the tendency to reinvent the wheel. He provides contract services in Project Management, Business Analysis, QA, and BCP. He also develops training seminars and creates development and testing tools, and is an active contributor at the site for QA testing professionals.
Gal Tunik
Gal Tunik explains the necessity of test automation in mobile applications, citing the unique challenges that that platform raises.
Ginny Redish
Janice (Ginny) Redish has been a passionate evangelist for usability and clear language for many years. She is an internationally-renowned consultant and speaker, widely recognized for her pioneering work in all aspects of user experience (UX). Ginny is co-author of two of the classic books on usability and author of numerous papers and book chapters on usability, writing for the web, plain language, and other topics.
Gojko Adzic
Gojko Adzic’s latest book is Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve your Tests. Please note that readers of LogiGear Magazine are entitled to a 50% discount on the Ebook version of this book when they use the LogiGear discount code through March 31, 2016. [Editor’s note: A review of Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve your Tests may be found elsewhere in this edition of LogiGear Magazine.]
Gunnar Peipman
Gunnar is the CEO of Developers Team Ltd, an Estonian software development company. He has been using Microsoft platforms and technologies since primary school. The maniacal interest and enthusiasm of developing systems and playing with bleeding edge technologies is still with him. His career working with .NET and related technologies started in 2003. Gunnar specializes in ASP.NET web applications, SharePoint and SmartCard technologies. To contact Gunnar, email him at:
Hans Buwalda
Hans Buwalda, CTO of LogiGear, is a pioneer of the Action Based and Soap Opera methodologies of testing and automation, and lead developer of TestArchitect, LogiGear’s keyword-based toolset for software test design, automation and management. He is co-author of Integrated Test Design and Automation, and a frequent speaker at test conferences.
Hans Schaefer
Hans Schaefer has worked in the software industry for twenty-eight years. He is a certified software tester and has written several award-winning papers. Hans is an accomplished speaker who has been a lecturer on QA and software testing and has spoken at conferences including ICSTEST, CONQUEST, 3rd World Congress on Software Quality, and EuroSTAR.
Harshal Kharod
You can read more from Harshal at his blog at
Hien D. Nguyen
Hien D. Nguyen is an experienced Software QA Engineer at LogiGear Corporation. A tester by day and a blogger by night, Hien has a great passion for software testing, especially complex Test Automation problems. When not doing all those, he enjoys reading, jogging and trying new things.
Hung Q. Nguyen
Hung Nguyen co-founded LogiGear in 1994, and is responsible for the company’s strategic direction and executive business management. His passion and relentless focus on execution and results has been the driver for the company’s innovative approach to software testing, test automation, testing tool solutions and testing education programs. Hung is co-author of the top-selling book in the software testing field, “Testing Computer Software,” (Wiley, 2nd ed. 1993) and other publications including, “Testing Applications on the Web,” (Wiley, 1st ed. 2001, 2nd ed. 2003), and “Global Software Test Automation,” (HappyAbout Publishing, 2006). His experience prior to LogiGear includes leadership roles in software development, quality, product and business management at Spinnaker, PowerUp, Electronic Arts and Palm Computing. Hung holds a Bachelor of Science in Quality Assurance from Cogswell Polytechnical College, and completed a Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Program.
Ittichai Chamavanijakul
Ittichai has been involved in many aspects of Oracle database technologies including RAC, ASM, Data Guard and Streams. He enjoys working on database and SQL performance tunings. He’s also interested in rapid web development using Oracle APEX.He is currently an IT technical manager and data warehouse architect with Motorola Solutions.
Jabil (NYSE: JBL) is a manufacturing solutions provider with over 260,000 employees across 100 locations in 30 countries. The world's leading brands rely on Jabil's unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience, technical and design capabilities, manufacturing know-how, supply chain insights and global product management expertise. Driven by a common purpose, Jabil and its people are committed to making a positive impact on their local community and the environment. Visit to learn more.
Jake Wallingford
Senior Technical Lead, specializing in Quality Assurance. Experience, and background in Agile software development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing practices, and Test Automation. Passion for testing software and providing the best possible online shopping experience for our customers.
James Paolantonio
James Paolantonio is a mobile engineer at HowAboutWe, specializing in iOS applications. He has been developing mobile apps since the launch of the first iPhone SDK. Besides coding, James enjoys watching sports, going to the beach, and scuba diving.
James Sivak
Currently a Director of QA with Unidesk, Jim has spent more than forty years in the technology arena. Starting with testing components of the Space Shuttle, he has worked in diverse industries developing and testing a wide spectrum of software, including operating systems and applications. Jim’s passion lies not only in testing but instilling quality concepts into all phases of the software development.
James Willett
James Willett is a Senior Developer for SAP-Concur, having over 10 years of experience in Software Development & Testing with a focus on performance and automation. He is also an online instructor, recently releasing courses on Performance Testing with Gatling and REST Assured Fundamentals, and regularly blogs on software development & testing topics at
Janet Gregory
Janet Gregory draws from her own experience in helping agile teams address alternative ways to cope with roadblocks including projects without clear documentation, testers with limited domain knowledge and dealing with either black box or white box testing.
Janine Nguyen
Janine Nguyen is a Marketing Associate at LogiGear, and manages LogiGear Magazine. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems and is a tech enthusiast.
Jaroslav Prochazka
Jaroslav Prochazka works as an Agile/Lean coach at Tieto Corporation and has been in IT for the past 11 years, starting as Java developer. He has more than five years of experience coaching and mentoring in distributed environments: coaching development, support and maintenance teams inside and outside Tieto. He has worked with about 400 people and has trained more than 800 to date. Jaroslav earned his PhD at the University of Ostrava in 2007 and now teaches software development and information systems there. He speaks at international conferences like IBM RSDC 2009, Information Systems Development 2010, and the International Conference on Global Software Engineering 2011. Jaroslav is an author of the recently published book, Operate IT Differently: Agile and Lean Support and Maintenance of IT Services and Information Systems (in Czech) and runs the blog www . , which features articles, eBooks and templates in both Czech and English. You can contact author at Tieto is a European Service provider delivering IT services and products to customers worldwide with the key focus on the Scandinavian market. We serve customers in various industry domains, namely telecommunication, banking and insurance, public or retail. The Tieto headcount is currently around 18,000 employees, with more than 5000 in near and offshore delivery centres in Middle and Eastern Europe and Asia. Our team, supporting important deliveries in Tieto, consists of 16 Agile and Lean coaches seated in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland. We help projects and services on a daily basis to remove obstacles, and to improve and start learning cycles. Our vision is to increase teams’ productivity and remove delivery waste, and also to set up proactive cooperation with customers. We strive to change the way people think as well as their attitudes, while respecting their daily issues, limitations and human nature. Our services are Agile and Lean training sessions, conducted for various roles, as well as hands-on implementation support primarily through coaching. We regularly present our achievements and working methods at international conferences (e.g. XP2010, ICGSE2011, Lean IT Summit).
Jason Barile
Jason Barile is the principal test manager for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server at Microsoft. He moved from Redmond to North Carolina in 2003 when Microsoft started the TFS project. Prior to TFS, he was a tester and test lead on the Windows User Experience team. Visit his blog at Testing Testing .
Jennifer Riggins
Jennifer Riggins as a marketer and writer, helps individuals and small businesses develop their vision and brand, turning it into an actionable, profitable future. She especially loves working with start-ups, SaaS and Spain-based innovators.
Jim Cowart
Jim Cowart is a developer focusing these days on JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js and open source in general. He’s most passionate about connecting with other developers – learning, sharing and promoting patterns and ideas that will make development more productive, enjoyable and empowering. Jim works at LeanKit as their Front End Architect and lives in Chattanooga with his wife and three sons.
Jim Holmes
I work for Falafel Software and get to chat with lots of great folks about what works and what doesn’t in the world of automated testing — something I’m very passionate about. I’m also a Father trying to remain sane while trying to build great software, herd my kids around, fix school lunches and handle the yardwork. Blog:
Jim Zuber
Jim Zuber is a co-founder of QualityLogic and the company’s Chief Test Architect. Many of the testing products architected by Mr. Zuber and released by QualityLogic over the past 20 years have become de facto testing standards in the smart grid, imaging, facsimile, and telephony industries.
Joe Hughes
Joe has more than 25 years of executive management experience in computer software and networking and is responsible for customer facing operations.
Joe Luthy
Joe has over 15 years product marketing experience in technology and Internet services for major companies including AT&T and Verisign.TestArchitect for Visual Studio is a keyword authoring platform extension designed specifically to enhance coded UI test automation in Visual Studio 2012.
Joel Tosi
Joel Tosi focuses on helping organizations create learning environments where teams can create interesting products, not just features. Starting with Target and helping other organizations since, Joel has been leveraging Dojos as a way to uncover what is holding back organizations and teams. Having spent many years working deep in technology as well as coaching teams, Joel believes in the dojo approach as it has not only helped teams adopt and grow new skills but Dojos have helped organizations improve.
Johan Hoberg
Johan Hoberg is a QA & test specialist who has held many different roles within the mobile phones and mobile gaming industry. He has a great passion for both QA and games, and is especially interested in developing strategies for how to build high quality games – what methods, processes, tools and behaviors that enable this throughout the development life cycle. In his leadership role, he focuses on how to build intrinsic motivation, how Agile practices increase efficiency, and how servant-leadership enables people to grow and thrive.
John Brøndum
John Brøndum has worked as an IT Architect and Consultant since 1997 for a number of technology companies, including IBM, across finance, retail, telecommunications, energy, and rail. With a wealth of project based experience (e.g., Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management, Reference Architecture), John is currently a Ph.D. candidate at UNSWand NICTA. His research is focused on the architectural complexities caused by increasing inter-dependencies between highly integrated enterprise applications. John works independently as a consulting architect, offering a range of architectural services.
John Kane
John Kane oversees LogiGear’s Product Program Management to develop, productize and deliver LogiGear’s Testing Automation solutions to the marketplace. John has more than thirty years of experience in the software industry in the areas Electronic Design Automation (software for designing computer chips), Software Licensing, Chip Design, Government ARPA Programs, and Software Quality Consulting and Services. John Kane holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Oregon State University and a mini-MBA from Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business.
John Roets
John Roets has been providing software engineering leadership, specifically to application development for the web, since 1998. John is currently a Senior Architect at ITX Corporation in Rochester, NY; providing solutions to a multitude of clients, focusing his attention (at the moment) on mobile applications. He is just as likely to engage you in discussion about design patterns, databases, and the latest web technologies as he is about business strategy, software development methodologies and organizational structure.
John Stevenson
I have a passion for learning and love to learn about new things. I have an interest in many things such as social science, psychology, photography, and gardening.
John Turner
John has been developing software in the financial and betting industry since 1999. Passionate about technology, John developed an interest in the practices and principles fundamental to Agile software development particularly those of Scrum and Lean. John also spends his time identifying how best to leverage the emergence of Cloud (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) to create more Agile businesses. This has extended to investigate how best to employ NoSQL and Big Data to meet increasingly demanding data requirements.
Jon Hagar
Jon is a senior software person with a M.S. degree in computer science with specialization in software engineering and testing from Colorado State University and B.S. Degree in Math with specialization in civil engineering and software from Metropolitan State College of Denver, Colorado. He has experience in the software domain of real-time, reactive embedded control systems and mobile smart devices as well as test software development using numerous languages. He has over 100 publications and presentations on software reliability, testing, test tools, formal methods, and critical-systems..
Jonathan Kohl
Jonathan Kohl is an internationally-recognized consultant. As a thought leader in mobile application development, developing policy and strategy, and helping teams adjust to methodology changes, Jonathan doesn’t just write and talk about developing software, he actively helps teams deliver the best products they can. Jonathan has contributed to three books as a chapter author, has written over thirty articles for industry publications, and has presented at many conferences as a tutorial and workshop trainer, track talk and keynote speaker. He is the author of the book “Tap Into Mobile Application Testing”.
Jonathan Rasmusson
As an experienced entrepreneur and former agile coach for ThoughtWorks, Rasmusson has consulted internationally, helping others find better ways to work and play together.
Juichi Takahashi
Juichi Takahashi is CEO of LogiGear Japan. Prior to LogiGear, Dr. Takahashi held engineering and technical leadership positions in software testing and QA for prominent software/IT and product companies including Microsoft, SAP, and Sony. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience in testing and quality engineering. Dr. Takahashi is the author of the top-selling testing book in Japan, “Software Testing for Beginners.”
Julian Harty
Julian has been working in technology since 1980 and over the years has held an eclectic collection of roles and responsibilities: He was the first software test engineer at Google in Europe, the Tester at Large for eBay group, and has consulted and helped lots of companies and projects globally. He’s also been a company director for a mix of companies and startups. Currently, Julian combines commercial work, parttime Ph.D. studies, and helping with improving education, teaching and learning using low-cost mobile devices particularly for disadvantaged schools globally. He has authored several books, most recently the Mobile Analytics Playbook which can be downloaded for free at: You can find lots of his work, including opensource projects, online.
Justin Hunter
Justin Hunter is CEO and creator of Hexawise, a powerful and easy to use software test design tool. He has taught practical ways to design more thorough and efficient sets of software tests to groups of software testers on six continents.
Karen N.Johnson
Karen N. Johnson is a longtime active contributor to the software testing community. Her work is often centered on helping organizations at an enterprise level. Her professional activities include speaking at conferences both in the US and internationally. Karen is a contributing author to the book, Beautiful Testing by O’Reilly publishers. She is the co-founder of the WREST workshop, the Workshop for Regulated Software Testing. She has published numerous articles; she blogs and tweets about her experiences. Find her on Twitter as @karennjohnson (note the two n’s) and her website: Karen is Director Jamf Now, Development & Delivery at Jamf. See:
Karthik KK
Karthik has been working as an Automation Test Engineer, Architect and Consultant for the past 7 years. He has done work for many different companies and uses tools such as QTP, Selenium, Visual Studio, Test Complete, and Ranorex.
Keith Stobie
Keith Stobie is a Quality Engineer Architect at who specializes in web services, distributed systems, and general testing especially design. Previously he has been at TIvo and for Bing Infrastructure where he planned, designed, and reviewed software architecture and tests. In Microsoft’s Protocol Engineering Team he worked on Protocol Quality Assurance Process including model-based testing (MBT) to develop test framework, harnessing, and model patterns. With three decades of distributed systems testing experience Keith’s interests are in testing methodology, tools technology, and quality process.
Khai Tran
Khai Tran is the Product Owner of the Automation team of LogiGear’s product TestArchitect. He is very passionate about test automation and strives to better himself as a manager, and the development community as a whole.
Krishna Rungta
Krishna speaks at conferences on the topic of Education, and hosts regular webinars on SAP, Software Testing, as well as other Career related topics.
Kristin Jackvony
Kristin Jackvony discovered her passion for software testing after working as a music educator for nearly 2 decades. She has been a QA engineer, manager, and lead for the last eleven years and is currently the Principal Engineer for Quality at Paylocity. Her weekly blog, Think Like a Tester, helps software testers focus on the fundamentals of testing.
Larry Maccherone
Larry started working at Rally Software in 2009 and is currently Rally’s Director of Analytics. He is currently working on his PhD in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon.Prior to starting work full-time on his PhD, Larry served as the Manager of Software Assurance Initiatives for the CyLab at Carnegie Mellon where he promoted the development and widespread adoption of best practices, tools, and methods.His interests include measurement/analytics, Agile methodologies, software engineering, software craftsmanship, and software assurance. He also have a strong interest in information visualization and has a passion for coding in general which includes programming language technology and design patterns.
Lawrence Nuanez
Lawrence Nuanez is a performance engineer and automation architect with over 20 years of experience architecting and executing load and performance tests for some of the largest companies in the world.
Lindiwe Vinson
Lindiwe Vinson is the Director of Technology at digital marketing agency Organic, Inc. and an expert in Quality Assurance. With more than twelve years of diverse experience, Lindiwe has a strong working knowledge SDLC, test planning, resourcing and contingency planning, metrics and defect reporting and performance testing; which includes an in-depth knowledge of engineering, testing, process management, change management and configuration management.
LogiGear Corporation
LogiGear Corporation provides global solutions for software testing, and offers public and corporate software testing training programs worldwide through LogiGear University. LogiGear is a leader in the integration of test automation, offshore resources and US project management for fast, cost-effective results. Since 1994, LogiGear has worked with Fortune 500 companies to early-stage start-ups in, creating unique solutions to meet their clients’ needs. With facilities in the US and Viet Nam, LogiGear helps companies double their test coverage and improve software quality while reducing testing time and cutting costs.
LogiGear Staff
LogiGear Corporation provides global solutions for software testing, and offers public and corporate software testing training programs worldwide through LogiGear University. LogiGear is a leader in the integration of test automation, offshore resources and US project management for fast, cost-effective results. Since 1994, LogiGear has worked with Fortune 500 companies to early-stage start-ups in, creating unique solutions to meet their clients’ needs. With facilities in the US and Viet Nam, LogiGear helps companies double their test coverage and improve software quality while reducing testing time and cutting costs.
Lolita Guevarra
Tweet Lolita’s curiosity in individuals and their stories led she to work as a freelance journalist in southeast Asia. While living in Vietnam for five years.
Long Trinh
Mr. Long Trinh is a Manager, for the Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) at LogiGear Corporation. As TCoE Manager, he is responsible for providing the plans, strategies and approaches to accomplish all Proof of Concept (PoC) on time, researching new technologies and solutions per demand from marketing, serving all related DevOps activities from organization and clients, test solution providers for all internal projects per requests from DMs, STEMs as well as provides training directions and materials for Organization.
Lubos Parobek
At Sauce Labs, Lubos Parobek leads strategy and development of Sauce Labs’ web and mobile application testing platform as VP of product. His previous experience includes leadership positions at organizations including Dell KACE, Sybase iAnywhere, AvantGo and 3Com. Parobek holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.
Madhu Expedith
Madhu Expedith has 12 years of combined experience in IT process and quality consulting, project management, quality management and software development. Madhu is currently an IT manager and principal consultant in the process and quality consulting practice, Enterprise Quality Solutions (EQS). He has executed projects involving end-to-end process definition, implementation, quality management, driving and managing organizational process changes, anchored process improvement programs including training & facilitation. His expertise includes models and frameworks such as Agile, CMMI, ITIL, TPI, TPINEXT, RUP and regulations such as GCP and 21 CFR Part11.
Maharshi Shah
Maharshi is a Senior QA Engineer – Automation at Mobiquity, Inc., and webmaster and author for He is an experienced mobile tester, and has worked for over six years in manual testing, performance testing (JMeter) and automation testing (Selenium).
Mallarswami Nonvinkere
Mallarswami is a technical professional leading a team of high performing senior consultants, data analysts and senior developers providing technology solutions in the tax domain. He has more than 13 years of industry experience and has been responsible for client, business partner and ISV engagements related IBM Big data solutions alongside enabling them on IBM’s big data technology. He has been a frequent speaker at various international conferences including IBM insights and IDUG Australasia. He has successfully delivered technology boot camps around the world including Asia and America.
Mandira Srivastava
Mandira Srivastava is a fulltime freelance writer who specializes in technology, health and fitness, politics, and financial writing. Equipped with a degree in mass communication, she has worked for both private and corporate clients.
Manish Jain
With an innate love for software and solving complex problems, Manish has been developing applications and backend services since the beginning of his career. He has worked at several Software Consulting companies like ThoughtWorks and BCG Digital Ventures. He has recently switched to OLX Group to work as a Senior Software Engineer. He has a keen interest in architecting systems, understanding product requirements and customer-first thinking. In his free time, he likes to write blogs and play video games.
Marcus Hammarberg
Marcus Hammarberg, the author of Kanban in Action, is a programmer, consultant and agile coach who has worked for a number of banks and insurance companies, as well as Ebay and Spotify. At present, he is especially jazzed about Node and Koa Js.Currently, Marcus lives with his family in Indonesia, where he works for the Salvation Army.Marcus can be reached on Twitter at @marcusoftnet.
Mark Levison
Mark Levison has over twenty years experience in the IT industry, working as a developer, manager, technical lead, architect, and consultant.
Martin Holtz
Martin Holtz is a Pre-sales and Account Management Specialist for B2B IT Solutions. His experience includes working for Oracle, as well as Binary Studio, a boutique software development agency, which connects SMBs with world-class software engineers.
Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton provides training and consulting services in software testing and is a co-author with James Bach of Rapid Software Testing, a course and methodology on how to do testing more quickly, less expensively, and with excellent results.
Michael Hackett
Michael is a co-founder of LogiGear Corporation, and has over two decades of experience in software engineering in banking, securities, healthcare and consumer electronics. Michael is a Certified Scrum Master and has co-authored two books on software testing. Testing Applications on the Web: Test Planning for Mobile and Internet-Based Systems (Wiley, 2nd ed. 2003), and Global Software Test Automation (Happy About Publishing, 2006). He is a founding member of the Board of Advisors at the University of California Berkeley Extension and has taught for the Certificate in Software Quality Engineering and Management at the University of California Santa Cruz Extension. As a member of IEEE, his training courses have brought Silicon Valley testing expertise to over 16 countries. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.
Michael Larsen
Michael Larsen is a Senior Automation Engineer with LTG/PeopleFluent. Over the past three decades, he has been involved in software testing for a range of products and industries, including network routers & switches, virtual machines, capacitance touch devices, video games, and client/server, distributed database & web applications. Michael is a Black Belt in the Miagi-Do School of Software Testing, helped start and facilitate the Americas chapter of Weekend Testing, is a former Chair of the Education Special Interest Group with the Association for Software Testing (AST), a lead instructor of the Black Box Software Testing courses through AST, and former Board Member and President of AST. Michael writes the TESTHEAD blog and can be found on Twitter at @mkltesthead. A list of books, articles, papers, and presentations can be seen at
Michael Vizard
Michael is the Editor in Chief of InfoWorld Media Group where he has been covering computer technology for more than 14 years. He is also a member of the senior leadership team, which provides the strategic vision for InfoWorld Media Group.
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke is the sole software tester working in a scrum team at Erudite Software, who primarily design and support software for the healthcare sector. Mike is new to the software testing industry having spent time in sales, hospitality, telecommunications and most recently working for the Royal New Zealand Navy. Outside of work, Mike has involved himself in the testing community both online through his blog and through helping to organize meetups with WeTest in Auckland. If you would like to contact Michael please find him on Twitter @TesterMikeNZ or through his blog here:
Minh Ngo
Minh Ngo started his testing journey in 2008 as a Technical Engineer for Personal Navigation Devices at TomTom International B.V, Netherlands and joined LogiGear in 2012 as a Test Manager of TestArchitect product. He oversees LogiGear’s TCoE as Lead— responsibilities include R&D for automation, best practices, and testing services.
Nadine Schaeffer
I am one of the owners and creative directors of the user experience design firm, Cloudforest Design.
Nancy Ratnakar
is a senior QA engineer in a multinational corporation. She has more than five years of experience in QA and mobile testing. With extensive experience in STLC, she is an expert at handling projects from the initial requirements stage to final release.
Noah Peters
Noah Peters is from the Bay Area. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the University of San Francisco. Noah started at LogiGear as a Marketing Intern and transitioned to a full-time Marketing Associate role post-graduation. Noah is passionate about content creation and SEO, and works closely with all content produced by LogiGear, including the LogiGear Magazine, the LogiGear Blog, and various LogiGear eBooks. In his free time, you can find Noah researching the automotive industry or teaching high school marching band.
Ole Lensmar
Ole Lensmar is Chief Architect and co-founder of SmartBear Software in Sweden, formerly the maker of SoapUI, Eviware Software, acquired by SmartBear in 2011. He also co-founded base8, an XML oriented consulting company in 1996, acquired by the publicly traded Mogul in 1998. Ole worked as CTO, product owner and lead evangelist for Mogul’s software portfolio, including an XML based CMS and a high performance search engine. With Niclas Reimertz, Ole created SoapUI, now the most used open source testing tool in the world with five million downloads and one million active users. Ole’s astute eye for technology trends and the test community led to his promotion to chief architect at SmartBear. Living his passion for software development, he writes a weekly column for Network World about software quality and blogs in general about coding, quality and all other fun things in life.
Pankaj Nakhat
Over the past five years Pankaj has worked with leading organizations in verticals such as business intelligence, banking, retail and CRM. In addition to experience with tools like QTP, Selenium and Perl, he has also developed simple and business effective automation frameworks and conducted training on automation frameworks and advanced QTP for corporations. He has lead automation initiatives from scratch and provided consultancy on different projects during his tenure with RBS.
Pete Schmitt
Pete Schmitt is Vice President of Engineering at Customer Storage Inc. Since 2002, cStor has helped companies strategize, create, and implement best in class data center solutions that address business needs. cStor’s proven capabilities with key data center technologies provides clients with a fresh perspective, the ability to collaborate with recognized data center experts, and the confidence that goals will be met.
Philip Koopman
Philip’s background includes time as a submarine officer for the US Navy, a principal in a couple small startups, an embedded CPU architect for Harris Semiconductor, and an embedded system architect for United Technologies Research Center. At Carnegie Mellon Philip has worked in the broad areas of wearable computers, software robustness, embedded networking, dependable embedded computer systems, and autonomous vehicle safety.
Philip Lew
Philip Lew is the CEO at XBOSoft. As a Corporate Executive, Development Manager, Product Manager, and Software Engineer, Philip has managed teams to tackle broken processes, develop solutions to difficult problems, and coached others to be leaders, managers, and experts. He leverages his academic background in Operations Research and Computer Science combined with hands-on work experience in programming, predictive modeling, and algorithm development to work with clients and colleagues around the world in improving their software processes.
Prashant Hegde
Prashant is a passionate tester. He currently works as a QA lead in Razorthink software. He leads a small team and ensures that the products he works on meet the highest standards in tight schedules and deadlines. Prashant is a gamer, a biker, and a writer. He writes a blog on best practices in software testing in his spare time.
Raj Subramanian
Raj Subramanian is a passionate tester. A former developer, he moved to the testing field to focus on his passion. Raj graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Masters in Software Engineering and went to work as a developer for a payroll processing company. He now works as a test engineer, with a specific focus on mobile testing, for a major insurance company.Raj has been pretty active in terms of learning and contributing to the testing community by being directly involved in various test-related activities. He currently lives in Cleveland, OH.
Ralph van Roosmalen
Ralph van Roosmalen has been working in the software industry since 1997. He started as software developer, has worked as project manager, test manager and development manager. He is currently Vice President Research and Development at RES Software. Ralph has written several articles about Agile testing and has spoken at several conferences on the topic of Agile testing and software development in general. RES Software products enable IT professionals to manage and deliver secure, personalized and compliant desktops independent of the underlying computing infrastructure – thin clients, virtual desktops, physical desktops, or server-based computing environments.
Rama Anem
Rama is a Quality professional who managed teams and complex technology-driven projects. She has over 13 years of experience, has worked with companies like IBM, AMD in past, and led global teams. Currently she is responsible for managing multiple software products quality in Sunpower Corporation. She oversaw multiple EDW projects and teams from envisioning through go live. She served as one of the Brand ambassadors for IBM DB2. Rama has contributed in technical software international conferences, workshops and magazines.
Randall Rice
Randy Rice is a thought leading author, speaker and practitioner consultant in the field of software testing and software quality. Rice has worked with organizations worldwide to improve the quality of their information systems and optimize their testing processes.
Ranjan Sakalley
Ranjan Sakalley is a lead developer & software architect with ThoughtWorks who “likes writing code and working with great people”. In his career he has worn varied hats, and in particular enjoys being an agile coach and project manager.His interests include software architecture, leading teams to deliver better, being a hands-on lead, C#, Java, Ruby, javascript, Agile, XP, TDD, Story analysis, and Continuous Delivery, among others.
Regg Struyk
Regg is a co-founder of eLead ALM, focusing on software solutions for improved product quality and delivery. He grew up in the '80s on the cusp of the technical revolution, which has fueled his 25-year passion for software development. Regg is considered a requirements Sherpa with focus on various types of testing, user behavior, Automation, and anything next generation. This article originally appeared on Perforce at:
Rick Kuhn
Rick Kuhn is a computer scientist at the Computer Security Division of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).Raghu Kacker is a mathematical statistician at the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division of NIST.Yu Lei is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington.
Rob Pirozzi
Over 20 years of sales, marketing, management, and technology experience in high technology with exposure to industries including financial services, healthcare, higher education, government, and manufacturing; demonstrating a strong track record of success.
Robert V.Binder
Robert V. Binder is a business leader, serial entrepreneur, and software technologist with extensive systems engineering experience.As President of System Verification Associates, he has provided solutions for clients facing existential regulatory challenges. As CEO and founder of mVerify Corporation, he took a unique solution for mobile app testing to market. He led RBSC Corporation’s consulting practice in software process and advanced software testing, delivering expertise and solutions globally.Binder has developed hundreds of application systems and advanced automated testing solutions, including two projects released as open source. He was awarded a U.S. Patent for model-based testing of mobile systems.He is internationally recognized as the author of the definitive Testing Object-Oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools and two other books.
Robin Roy
Robin works as a Senior Consultant with Brilliance MSC, Malaysia. He loves to evaluate new technologies and implement the same. Believes in sharing knowledge.
Rosie Sherry
Rosie has a mixed fascination related to software testing, the social web and startups. This includes running the Software Testing Club, The Ministry of Testing and a micro-Test Agency – Test Ninjas.
Sam Mullin
Sam Mullin is a specialist in Mobile Device Test Automation. He has contributed to test planning, design, and execution of automated testing efforts within the healthcare, electricity, and banking industries. He continues to work on providing specialized support for mobile device test automation using various mobile device testing tools. Currently, Sam is working for Olenick and Associates located in Chicago Illinois
Sanjay Zalavadia
As the VP of Client Service for Zephyr, Sanjay brings over 15 years of leadership experience in IT and Technical Support Services. Throughout his career, Sanjay has successfully established and grown premier IT and Support Services teams across multiple geographies for both large and small companies. Most recently, he was Associate Vice President at Patni Computers (NYSE: PTI) responsible for the Telecoms IT Managed Services Practice where he established IT Operations teams supporting Virgin Mobile, ESPN Mobile, Disney Mobile and Carphone Warehouse. Prior to this Sanjay was responsible for Global Technical Support at Bay Networks, a leading routing and switching vendor, which was acquired by Nortel. Sanjay has also held management positions in Support Service organizations at start-up Silicon Valley Networks, a vendor of Test Management software, and SynOptics.
Sanjeev Sharma
Sanjeev is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, and the CTO for DevOps Technical Sales and Adoption at IBM, leading the DevOps practice across IBM. Sanjeev is responsible for leading the worldwide technical sales community for DevOps offerings across IBM’s portfolio of tools and services, working with IBM’s customers to develop DevOps solution architectures for these offerings, and for driving DevOps adoption. He speaks regularly at conferences and has developed DevOps IP, including the DevOps For Dummies book published in 2013.Sanjeev is a 20 year veteran of the software industry. Sanjeev has an Electrical Engineering degree from The National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India and a Masters in Computer Science from Villanova University, United States. He is passionate about his family, travel, reading, Science Fiction movies and Airline Miles. He blogs about DevOps at and tweets as @sd_architect
Sankha Jayasooriya
Sankha Jayasooriya is an IT Professional with more than 8 years of experience in the Software Quality Assurance field. He is an ISTQB certified professional specialized in service level testing, automated testing, and manual testing. His areas of domain expertise extend to retail, innovation, banking and finance, enterprise software, robotics, and mobile testing. Sankha is a co-author of the “Multi-Domain Supported and Technology Neutral Performance Testing Process Framework” white paper and is also a regular blogger on Genius Quality—Medium.
Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs is the company enterprises trust to deliver digital confidence. More than 3 billion tests have been run on the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, the most comprehensive and trusted testing platform in the world. Sauce Labs enables organizations to increase revenue and grow their digital business by creating new routes to market, protecting their brand from the risks of a poor user experience, and delivering better products to market, faster.
Scott Barber
Scott Barber is the CTO of PerfTestPlus, executive director of the Association for Software Testing (AST) and co-founder of the Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR). A recognized expert in performance testing and analysis, he combines experience and a passion for solving performance problems with a context-driven approach the he sometimes calls a “scientific art” to produce accurate results. Scott is an international keynote speaker, trainer, consultant and writer of articles for a variety of publications. You can contact him at
Scott W.Ambler
Scott W. Ambler is the founder of the Agile Modeling (AM), Agile Data (AD), Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), and Enterprise Unified Process (EUP) methodologies and creator of the Agile Scaling Model (ASM). Scott is the (co-)author of twenty books, includingRefactoring Databases, Agile Modeling, Agile Database Techniques, The Object Primer 3rd Edition, The Enterprise Unified Process, and Disciplined Agile Delivery.
Software Consortium
Software Consortium is an award winning provider of software technology solutions for private and public-sector clients. SCI teams focus on helping clients achieve strategic, as well as tactical goals at high returns on investment using the wisest proportion of teaming, people, processes and technology.
Steve Ropa
Has more than 25 years of experience in software development and 15 years of experience working with agile methods. Steve is passionate about bridging the gap between the business and technology and nurturing the change in the nature of development. As an agile coach and VersionOne product trainer, Steve has supported clients across multiple industry verticals including: telecommunications, network security, entertainment and education. A frequent presenter at agile events, he is also a member of Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance. In his personal time, Steve plays principal trombone in a regional orchestra and is an avid woodworker.
Subu Baskaran
Subu Baskaran has over 11 years of experience in leading large, complex outsourcing projects both from onsite and offshore. He has a Bachelor’s degree in electronics and instrumentation engineering from Sastra University, India and an MBA from Cass Business School, London.
Sumit Mehrotra
Sumit Mehrotra is Sr. Director of Product Management at Skytap, a role in which he is responsible for product strategy and roadmaps. Prior to Skytap, Sumit worked at Microsoft in different roles and has shipped a number of products, including Windows Azure and Windows operating system. Sumit holds an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University.
Tad Anderson
Tad lives in Mount Joy, PA with his wonderful wife Wendy and his faithful companion Artimus (4 year old Maltese). He has been programming since 1992 and specializes in Software Architecture. He is currently serving in the role of Enterprise Architect at Penn National Insurance.
Tandy Gold
A recognized leader and turn-around specialist with over 20 years hands-on Fortune 50 experience, Tandy Gold is the author of “Outsourcing Software Applications Offshore: Making It Work”, “Key Lessons in Offshore Outsourcing”, and “Ethics in IT Outsourcing.” Tandy has established a successful track record of leading large, complex organizational change initiatives that maximize the strategic alignment of IT and return on the overall IT investment.
Tania Lang
Tania Lang is the principal of Peak Usability as well as a member of the Usability Professionals’ Association, Australian Web Industry Association, and the Queensland State Representative for CHISIG in Australia. She is considered one of the leaders in her field and is passionate about usability. She has organized numerous local usability and HCI events to increase awareness and adoption of good usability and user centered design practices.
Tatyana Mahlaeva
Tatyana Mahlaeva is mobile applications QA manager for A1QA, an Austin, TX-based global software testing and quality assurance company.
TestArchitect Support Team
We are the TestArchitect Support team who will help you achieve Automation success. Creating a few dozen automated test cases is easy. Maintaining them overtime while scaling your test suite to thousands of tests is not. It needs the right mix of tools, methods, and expertise.
Thanh Huynh
Thanh Huynh is a tester who runs a site called AskTester. He has several years of experience in testing,managing and leading testing projects. He looks for customer satisfaction, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in his testing work. AskTester is for a community of professional testers where they can freely ask questions about testing, voice their opinions, and share interests.
The Inedo Team
As “the tech behind the tech,” Inedo’s products provide Windows-primary DevOps solutions to organizations of any size and in any industry. Inedo’s products—BuildMaster, ProGet, and Otter—emphasize strong visualization of process, ease-of-use for Developers of all skill levels, and building on the tools and processes you already have in place.
Thong Nguyen
Thong Nguyen joined LogiGear in 2009 as a software developer and got familiar with test automation. Thong currently is LogiGear’s lead in researching; he is responsible for setting up the innovation of TestArchitect, a leading tool in test automation. Nevertheless, Thong has not only joined many internal technical seminars, but has taught at the University of Sciences as an instructor in testing domain.
Thuc Nguyen
Thuc Nguyen has been leading the product teams at LogiGear in delivering quality Test Automation solutions to LogiGear’s customers and services clients. Thuc has a great passion for helping organizations transform their Test Automation, Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices, as well as empowering testers of all technical levels to thrive in complex enterprise environments.
Tiffany Marcelle McClure
After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Culture, focusing on journalism and creative writing, Tiffany has built her career in a number of sectors; from an Editorial Assistant in a startup magazine, a Media Consultant in a media company in South Africa, a Marketing Executive in a startup business in London, and now a Managing Editor in Vietnam’s Leading Software Testing Company.
Tim Hinds
Tim Hinds is the Product Marketing Manager for NeoLoad at Neotys. He has a background in Agile software development, Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Testing practices. Previously, Tim was Product Marketing Manager at AccuRev, a company acquired by Micro Focus, where he worked with software configuration management, issue tracking, Agile project management, continuous integration, workflow automation, and distributed version control systems.
Tony Luu
Tony Luu has more than eight years of experience in QA and Software Life Cycle Development. Tony is currently a Senior Project Lead at LogiGear Corporation, and has lead project development for several clients, most notably including Linkedin, Cisco and LeapFrog. Tony received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Purdue University.
Tran Dang
Tran Dang is a Senior Graphic Design at LogiGear. She has more than 7 years' experience in design. She responsibles for all kinds of graphical design works for LogiGear’s advertising. She hanldes the design for LogiGear Magazine.
Tu Nguyen
As the Product Analyst Lead, Tu Nguyen works with Technical, Development, and BA teams to define and deliver the most competitive automation solution to clients. He has a great passion for new technologies, UI/UX designs and marketing.
Van Pham
Van Pham has more than 10 years of experience in software automation testing on various platforms and Customer/Product Support. A key member of the organization, Van mentors, manages, and motivates LogiGear’s Support teams to provide an exceptional Customer Support Experience. Van has her B.S. in Software Engineering from National University, and an M.S. in Engineering Management.
Vipul Gupta
Vipul Gupta leads the Test Engineering R&D at Impetus Technologies. As a resident testing expert at Impetus, Vipul works on innovating test engineering methodologies. He is currently focusing on innovating cost effective software testing solutions for desktop, web and mobile applications. He is a cofounder of NCR Testers community and is contributing to several online testing forums. Vipul has extensive understanding of testing activities as it applies to all phases of the testing life cycle, including specialized testing. He has been involved in designing RUP and Agile based testing frameworks for various organizations including Fortune 500 clients.
Wayne Yaddow
Wayne Yaddow is an independent consultant with more than 15 years of experience leading data migration/integration/ETL testing projects in businesses, including J.P. Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, and Standard & Poor’s. Wayne has taught courses on DW, ETL, and data integration testing. He continues to lead ETL testing and coaching projects on a consulting basis.
Wes Silverstein
Wes Silverstein is the founder of Mindful QA. He has provided QA testing, user experience, and Agile consulting for over 100 clients for websites and mobile apps across all major industries. Over the past 10+ years, Wes has worked with companies ranging from tech giants to healthcare, education, media, digital agencies, non-profits, start-ups, and many more. He was named one of the “Top 50 Visionaries in Tech” by The Internet Conference, and nominated for Testing Manager of the Year by the American Software Testing Conference. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Wes now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dogs/cat. When he’s not diving into all things Mindful QA, he plays music and writes.
Xavier Mertens
Xavier Mertens is an independent security consultant. His job focuses mainly on protecting his customer’s resources by applying “offensive” (pentesting) as well as “defensive” security (log management, SIEM, security visualisation). Instead of using out of the box solutions from security vendors, he prefers to advice on best ways to solve security issues.