Technical Debt: a Nightmare for Testers

The sprint is almost over; the burn-down chart has not budged. The test team sits around waiting. They hear about all kinds of issues, obstacles and i

LogiGear Magazine – July 2013 – Agile Testing

LogiGear Magazine – July 2013 – Agile Testing

Is Your Cloud Project Ready to Be Agile?

In the decade since the Agile Manifesto, the movement has encouraged a number of best practices like test-driven development, user-centered design, it

Quantify the Impact of Agile App Development

Agile is here to stay. Once the radical alternative to Waterfall development methods, these legacy methodologies are being disrupted and replaced by A

A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

I have worked with testers on an Agile team before and it has worked very well for both the team and the customer. In my previous role at Bank of Irel

Leveraging Global Talent for Effective Test Agility

Over the years many Agile proponents have come out strongly against offshoring some of the development team, and in particular against having a remote

Service Virtualization Rises to Cloud App Testing Challenge

One of the challenges with building an application these days is the number of dependencies that application will actually have on other applications.

Agile ALM and the Tools to Practice It

Armed with the right tool or set of tools, a development team can incorporate ALM into its Agile process and start reaping the benefits of Agile ALM.

LogiGear Magazine – July 2012 – Testing in Agile

LogiGear Magazine July 2012 Testing in Agile