Gondola Manifesto

Gondola by TestArchitect is a low-code Test Automation solution for End-to-End Testing across Web, API, and Mobile Applications. Gondola builds upon t

What Makes a Good Game Tester

Exploring key competences that endow a good games tester In this article, I will explore what I feel are the most important skills and attributes of a

Case Study: Offshore Team Innovation Lab

Lab team brainstorming session Whether you work in engineering/product, operations, or even marketing, keeping your team trained and engaged with thei

Get Help when You Need It

If you want to enjoy your job and not worry about lack of resources, or have old, outdated strategies, with failing or meaningless test automation 

Black – Box Testing Techniques

Most software engineers intuitively perform BVA to some degree. By applying these guidelines, boundary testing will be more complete, thereby having a

Why Exploratory Testing Should Be Part of the Test Plan

A test plan should always include exploratory tests as part of the approach. Without them, the number of defects that find their way into production w

LogiGear Magazine – September 2012 – Integrated Test Platforms

LogiGear Magazine September 2012 – Integrated Test Platforms

Black Box Software Testing: Test Design Course

A few months ago, Dr. Rebecca Fiedler and I published BBST—Test Design. This third course completes the Black Box Software Testing (BBST) set. The

LogiGear Magazine – February 2011 – the Exploratory Testing Issue

LogiGear Magazine – February 2011 – The Exploratory Testing Issue