Mind Map: Tools for Testers

With this edition of LogiGear Magazine, we introduce a new feature, Mind Map. A mind map is a diagram, usually devoted to a single concept, used to vi

LogiGear Magazine – March 2015 – Testing Strategies and Methods – Fast Forward to Better Testing


Risk Based Testing—Strategies for Prioritizing Tests Against Deadlines

When it is out of the question to delay delivery, the solution is a prioritization strategy in order to do the best possible job within the time const

Something Old, Something New: Requirements and Specifications

Differences in interpretation of requirements and specifications by programmers and testers is a common source of bugs. For many, perhaps most, develo

Why You Need a Software Specific Test Plan

Experience-based recommendations to test the brains that drive the devices In essentially every embedded system there is some sort of product testing.

LogiGear Magazine – February 2014 – Test Methods and Strategies

LogiGear Magazine – February 2014 – Test Methods and Strategies

Key Principles of Test Design

Regardless of the method you choose, simply spending some time thinking about good test design before writing the first test case will have a very hig

Book Review of the Domain Testing Workbook

The Testing Domain Workbook is the most extensive and exhaustive work you will ever find on a specific testing technique (or related techniques if you

How Google Tests Software

Having developed software for nearly fifteen years, I remember the dark days before testing was all the rage and the large number of bugs that had to