How to Write a Great Software Test Plan

With complex software systems, you can never test all of the functionality in all of the conditions that your customers will see. Start with this as a

More Just Isn’t More…

Most have probably heard the expression ‘less is more‘, or know of the ‘keep it simple and stupid‘ principle. These are gener

Ea’s Jane Fraser Talks Complex Systems

At VISTACON 2011, Jane sat down with LogiGear Sr. VP, Michael Hackett, to discuss complex systems.

Fun & Games: Keep Training Lively

Training has to be fun. Simple as that. To inspire changed behaviors and adoption of new practices, training has to be interesting, motivating, stim

Harry Robinson Talks Training

At VISTACON 2011, Harry sat down with LogiGear Sr. VP, Michael Hackett, to discuss various training methodologies. Harry Robinson Harry Robinson is a

Jaideep Khanduja: Progressive Software Testing Approach by Acquiring Soft Skills

In software testing, we need to devise an approach that features a gradual progression from the simplest criteria of testing to more sophisticated cri

LogiGear Magazine – July 2011 – the Test Methods & Strategies Issue

LogiGear Magazine – July 2011 – The Test Methods & Strategies Issue

Jason Barile – Testing Testing

I’ve been reviewing a lot of test plans recently. As I review them, I’ve compiled this list of things I look for in a well written test p

LogiGear Magazine – May 2011 – the Test Process Improvement Issue

LogiGear Magazine – May 2011 – The Test Process Improvement Issue