Leader’s Pulse: How to Build a Strong Culture across Teams

A practical approach to building culture in a modern work environment Working as a Lead or Manager or simply being a team leader has always had its pi

Leader’s Pulse: Navigating Dotted and Solid Line Reporting

It’s helpful to be able to identify the types of reporting relationships within the workplace In an office workplace with reporting relationship

Leader’s Pulse: Part 2: Managing the Knowledge Worker

There has been much written about managing knowledge workers. Now there is a dissection between managing knowledge workers and the specialties of mana

Leader’s Pulse: Managing the Knowledge Worker

  For leaders and managers in the post Agile development world there has been a fundamental shift in how staff are managed, directed and supporte

Leader’s Pulse: The Changing Dynamic of Measurement and Its Competing Forces

I have been leading and managing software projects for a long time. Measuring the product and process has always caused great consternation. At i

Leader’s Pulse: Get Your Teams the Training that They Need!

Every leader knows having a fully trained staff is essential to productivity, employee satisfaction, teamwork, and just getting the job done! This is

Leader’s Pulse: Direct Your Organization into DevOps

The ownership of quality has evolved, don’t get left behind Welcome to our new feature in LogiGear Magazine! We will be doing a column in each issue

LogiGear Magazine – February 2012 – the Training Issue

LogiGear Magazine – February 2012 – The Training Issue If you’re having trouble viewing the PDF in your browser, right-click on the