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In the News – June 2020

Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre To Open With Emphasis On Security Testing And Training

The South Australian government has invested just over $6 million USD into the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), and it’s scheduled to open on July 1, 2020. “[It] will create a nation-leading cyber ecosystem in Australia that contributes to economic growth,” said South Australia’s Minister for Innovation and Skills, David Pisoni. A major component of A3C is the Cyber Launchpad, which will provide the tools and resources for hardware and Software Testing to companies who wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise. Additionally, the Cyber Academy will feature security training programs for schools, tech staff, and executives as a means to quell ransomware attacks, which have been on the rise.

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Testing Is For All: The First Graduating Class Of Indigenous Software Testers In Calgary

PLATO Testing is the world’s first Indigenous-staffed and led Software Testing company, and they are celebrating their first graduating class of Indigenous Software Testers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The graduating class began when 12 students embarked on a 5-month, in-class training program regarding the fundamentals of Software Testing; from there, they each took on 3-month internships at leading software companies in Canada. PLATO Testing has now trained 170 members of Indigenous nations, which has injected more than $7 million directly into the Indigenous economy.

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Autonomous Vehicles: Maybe Decades, Maybe Never

The tail end of the previous decade had the automotive and Software Testing industry alike buzzing about self-driving cars–LogiGear even dedicated an entire issue to autonomous vehicles with Testing the Software Car! However, with numerous companies abandoning their autonomous vehicle development and the increasing number of deaths related to self-driving technology, it appears society’s dream of self-driving cars will never come to fruition. Why? The short answer: software and sensor hardware limitations. Experts have realized that no matter the number of sensors used, they just don’t compare to the ability of a human in regards to understanding the environment surrounding the car. While self-driving cars are not entirely impossible, they may be farther away than we originally imagined.

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LogiGear Corporation
LogiGear Corporation provides global solutions for software testing, and offers public and corporate software testing training programs worldwide through LogiGear University. LogiGear is a leader in the integration of test automation, offshore resources and US project management for fast, cost-effective results. Since 1994, LogiGear has worked with Fortune 500 companies to early-stage start-ups in, creating unique solutions to meet their clients’ needs. With facilities in the US and Viet Nam, LogiGear helps companies double their test coverage and improve software quality while reducing testing time and cutting costs.

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