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Infographic: How To Develop A Test Automation Strategy

A Test Automation Strategy is essential for getting on the right path towards the successful implementation of Automation. It is important to start by setting a goal in order to layout the foundation for the rest of your Automation journey.

Once you have identified your goals, then you must formulate and define your strategy accordingly. Your end goal is to implement the most efficient plan—however, this is not an easy process since Test Automation failures are common! Have no fear, our infographic is here to help! We are breaking it down into 4 steps to guide you towards developing an intelligent Test Automation Strategy. Let’s begin!


Now that you have completed the step-by-step process of how to devise an intelligent Test Automation strategy, you can start your journey towards success today! If you need additional guidance or resources, make sure to contact LogiGear and our team will be happy to help.

Farah Takhar
Farah Takhar is a Marketing Intern at LogiGear Corporation, where she assists on the creation and implementation of numerous social media, email, and writing campaigns. She currently attends UC Riverside, where she is pursuing a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing.

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