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Introducing TestArchitect Team!

A tool empowering you to reach your automation success

In case you haven’t heard, earlier this month we launched TestArchitect Team, the new, free, test automation tool that empowers testers to achieve automation success.


“We’re breaking the mold with the introduction of a free edition, TestArchitect Team. Embracing the free-culture, we are pleased to offer a no-coding alternative to test automation and underscore our doubled-down commitment to providing the most robust test automation available in the market today,” said Hung Nguyen, CEO of LogiGear.

This new version is built with a smaller testing staff in mind, and comes packed with all the great features that make the TestArchitect product line valued by our clients.

  • TestArchitect allows you to scale up test automation coverage and productivity
  • TestArchitect allows you to construct user-defined actions recursively to maximize the reusability
  • TestArchitect is an ideal fit for a small staff without the support from a larger team, or for those without a programming background.

“TestArchitect’s core concept is action, allowing users to design and automate business-readable tests all in one step.” continues Hung. “Now small businesses can take advantage of our advanced test automation technology for Continuous Testing / Continuous Delivery / DevOps implementation. We’re pleased to make it available at a ‘freemium’ price.”

With TestArchitect, testers can be sure to expect full control over their automation planning and development, as well as the scaling of their test automation coverage. TestArchitect also enhances the ability for teams to adapt to rapid changes, while maintaining tool integrations and quality reporting.

We’ve updated the existing TestArchitect line to have two versions, TestArchitect Team and TestArchitect Enterprise while retiring former products: TestArchitect Mobile, Professional, and Professional for Visual Studio line. But don’t worry—the TestArchitect Enterprise line is fully loaded, and combines the features of Mobile, Professional and Visual Studio for a better user experience.

This new release of TestArchitect Team is completely free, and can be instantly downloaded from our website. These features are available with TestArchitect Team:

  • Access to all features
  • 2 node-locked users per company
  • 100 test cases
  • Forum Support

An unlimited edition is also available for enterprise teams! We recommend the paid version for larger-scale projects. These special, upgraded features are exclusively available with TestArchitect Enterprise™:

  • Premium Licenses: Node-locked, Floating and Run-only available
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Support: Call, Portal, Email, Hot fix

To learn more about the entire TestArchitect product line and how it can be a good fit for your organization visit testarchitect.com.


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LogiGear Corporation provides global solutions for software testing, and offers public and corporate software testing training programs worldwide through LogiGear University. LogiGear is a leader in the integration of test automation, offshore resources and US project management for fast, cost-effective results. Since 1994, LogiGear has worked with Fortune 500 companies to early-stage start-ups in, creating unique solutions to meet their clients’ needs. With facilities in the US and Viet Nam, LogiGear helps companies double their test coverage and improve software quality while reducing testing time and cutting costs.

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