Home Test Methods & Metrics VISTACON 2010 Keynote – the Future of Testing by BJ Rollison

VISTACON 2010 Keynote – the Future of Testing by BJ Rollison

VISTACON 2010 – Keynote: The future of testing


BJ Rollison – Test Architect at Microsoft

VISTACON 2010 – Keynote


BJ Rollison, Software Test Architect for Microsoft.
Mr. Rollison started working for Microsoft in 1994, becoming one of the leading experts of test architecture and execution at Microsoft. He also teaches software testing courses for the University of Washington, and sits on the advisory board for testing certification at the University of Washington, the University of California Extension Santa Cruz, and Lake Washington Technical College.
BJ Rollison
BJ Rollison runs a successful consulting practice built on his more than twenty-five years of experience in the software industry. His career at Microsoft began on the Windows 95 team and ended on the Windows Phone team.

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  1. The three areas ceevrod (schedules, focus on weak spot, study groups) are all valuable. I would add one more complementary and most powerful thing. This is study in a pattern that maximizes recall. To quote Aristotle repeatedly recalling a thing strengthens memory . There is a proven rule involved in this which has been confirmed by Karpicke at Purdue University repeatedly and actively TEST yourself. Actually most students do not do this but the improvement in performance if you do can be massive.

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