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Comprehensive Localization QA Testing Services for Gaming

Gamers want to fully immerse themselves, but they can’t if the game isn’t available in their own language. Plus, the gaming community can be a demanding marketplace, wanting state-of-the-art technology and speed. If you don’t deliver, they’re eager to voice their concerns! When you localize your game for a global customer base, you’ll generate happier end users, increased profits, and a brand-name advantage over your competitors.

Our QA Localization for Gaming Industry solutions include both Test Automation and Manual Testing approaches, with preconfigured localization frameworks that are maintainable and scalable to suit your business needs.

LogiGear can perform localization testing for a variety of languages, including but not limited to:

  • English
  • FIGS-P Languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • East Asian Languages (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean).

Due to the extensive workload required for localization testing across mobile, web, and desktop platforms, the client decided to look for a strategic testing partner that could help with staff augmentation to help meet their rapid release cycles. They wanted to hire a testing vendor who has experience in both Games Testing and localization testing in order to not only deliver products quickly, but also deliver high quality products.

Our Benefits

Deep domain expertise in the gaming industry and Automation
Proven processes, including Test Automation via TestArchitect
Ability to ramp up or ramp down quickly
Learn how LogiGear can give your company a global competitive edge with properly localized games

LogiGear’s Localization Test Automation Approach

We’ll work closely with you to understand your testing needs and develop the right localization engagement model and testing strategy.

Games Testing Strategy
Tools and Frameworks
Recommend Games Testing Best Practices
Test Execution
Scalability and Maintainability
Maintenance and Support

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