Strategy and Consulting

Software Testing and Test Automation are major enablers for success in Software Development.

However, for many organizations just buying a testing tool and hiring a number of QA Engineers isn't enough for a long-term stable and sustainable solution. LogiGear, can help clients accelerate the creation and execution of their Digital Transformation roadmap (e.g. ERP systems, SMAC, Salesforce Testing), with our training and strategy and  consulting and strategy packages.

Consulting and Strategy

We offer the following items around consulting and strategy
Strategy Planning
Strategy Planning

In the Strategy Planning phase our QA Consultants will focus on understanding your environment, and your strategic goals and timelines for testing and Automation.

Strategy Execution
Strategy Execution

In the Strategy Execution phase the focus is on realizing the transformation by executing the roadmap, with the understanding that an upfront roadmap can be a direction, but will need to be flexibly adapted to the needs of teams and stake-holders.

LogiGear’s corporate training program helps organizations equip their Testers with the relevant concepts, strategies, test methods, and skills needed to effectively test increasingly complex software applications

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