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Picking the Right Business Idea to Go With – with Hung Nguyen Co-founder and Co-owner of LogiGear

This Podcast originally aired on The Entrepreneur Way

Hung Nguyen co-founded LogiGear in 1994, and is responsible for the company’s strategic direction and executive business management. His passion and relentless focus on execution and results has been the driver for the company’s innovative approach to Software Testing, Test Automation, testing tool solutions and testing education programs. Hung’s experience prior to LogiGear includes leadership roles in software development, quality, product and business management at Spinnaker, PowerUp, Electronic Arts and Palm Computing.

Entrepreneurial Role Models:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates
  • Elon Musk
  • Richard Branson
  • Warren Buffet

When business started difficulties overcame:

“Kind of picking and choosing the business idea, what the business idea is and picking the right business idea to go with is quite challenging because it’s not like your job, generally speaking you don’t have that much risk as your business, so come up with a right business idea or you have a whole bunch of business ideas”…[Listen for More]

Favourite Quote:

“I see and I do”

Recommended Online Resources:

Audible – is a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming on the Internet. Audible sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers.

Best Advice to Other Entrepreneurs:

“If you cannot sell the product yourself then it is time to give it up in other words, you really have to learn and to see what you build and why is it so difficult to sell and if you try to sell it yourself and you could not make it happen it means you have to wrong product and have the courage to shut it down and carry on”…[Listen for More]

More About Hung Nguyen:


Neil’s Quote at the Beginning:

“Language was invented to ask questions. Answers may be given by grunts and gestures, but questions must be spoken. Humanness came of age when man asked the first question. Social stagnation results not from a lack of answers but from the absence of the impulse to ask questions.” Eric Hoffer

Other Quotes From the Chat with Hung Nguyen:

“I like to see things, but at the same time when I see things I like to not be afraid of doing it, making it happen”

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