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From our Automation Testing experts to great speakers, the Presentation Resource Center will help in your understanding and application of Automation Testing.
Performance Testing can help you identify your website or application’s bottlenecks. Follow these steps to ensure that it performs well under pressure.
Two trends are driving major changes in the way Performance Testing is done in software development teams today: an increase in the pace of development and the requirement for multi-screen applications. With these trends in mind, teams can no longer push off Performance Testing tasks until the last minute prior to release.

A team might be done with work items in a sprint, but it’s often the case that development and Automation of functional tests aren’t finished. To get Automated Testing “done” in Agile sprints, handing over excess workload for test development and Automation to a service group-on-demand is an efficient and viable option. This webinar outlines how you can implement a process to relieve teams and keep Automated Testing in sync with development by employing “Outsourcing 2.0.”

Agile application delivery requires Test Automation, and also the ready applications and infrastructure to efficiently execute large-scale testing. Learn how using on-demand virtual environments enables you to rapidly scale testing and remove the constraints that commonly hold back testing cycles, resulting in both faster testing and increased test coverage.
LogiGear Chief Technology Officer Hans Buwalda authored this article in TechWell, discussing the scalability of unit, functional, and exploratory tests. Since many Automation tools focus on Functional Testing, Hans proposes options to make this type of testing easier to manage.

In this video Hans Buwalda outlines how to design and organize tests for efficient Automation, and how the leading test methods, Action Based Testing (ABT) and behaviour-driven development (BDD), enable good test design.

In this webcast Hans Buwalda examines the importance of test design for maintainable Automation and how Action Based Testing (ABT) facilitates successful test design.

Automating tests in the same Dev sprint can be a game changer. This webcast outlines how it can be done following the same processes the TestArchitect software development team uses.

Like Agile, there can be a lot of variation in how keyword testing is applied. In this webcast, Hans Buwalda, the pioneer of the keyword method, presents how to make Automation with keywords effective.

Cheronda Bright of Halliburton shares how she leveraged LogiGear's expertise to integrate TFS, MTM, and TestArchitect to allow testing to keep up with rapid development cycles.

Cut a little testing here and a little there and before you know it, you have a big pile of technical debt. In this webcast, Michael Hackett offers some tips on how to avoid a nightmare testing situation.

LogiGear has helped countless businesses for more than 26 years optimize their testing. Get in contact with our team of experts and see how LogiGear can help you achieve success in your testing.

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