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Application Performance Across The Software Development Lifecycle

The software development lifecycle (SDLC) is being impacted by DevOps and Continuous Delivery. With the need for a better user experience (UX) across multi-screen applications and rapid release cycles, Performance Testing needs to shift-left to be earlier in the SDLC. 

In this Webinar, Neotys’ Brad Stoner and LogiGear’s Michael Hackett will discuss the importance of Performance Testing in the SDLC, with topics including:

  • The stage in which Quality Assurance (QA) teams should consider Performance Testing,  
  • If a team should execute Performance Testing for every release 
  • How QA can keep up with the velocity of releases
  • How Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is impacting Performance Testing
  • The burgeoning trend of testing mobile applications
  • How to do Performance Testing for mobile applications

Learn how to keep up to speed rapid release cycles, thus preparing your SDLC for DevOps success, in this exciting, on-demand webinar.  

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