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Lean Software Development and its Impact on Testing - Part 1

The quick and profound departure from traditional software development to rapid delivery may seem as if it’s come out of nowhere. But, these are actually natural progressions inspired by Lean Practices that were made popular and used in automotive manufacturing. 

Simply put, Lean has taken over software development. From Agile to DevOps, Lean manufacturing principles and practices are being universally applied to software development; yet, many software development teams may not grasp the implications of Lean, and most do not see it applying to their team.

But, when implemented successfully, Lean can have profound effects on streamlining delivery and improving quality within your organization.

In this on-demand webinar, Michael will discuss the foundations of Lean Software Development and its impact on Software Testing, particularly, in regards to testing task distributions and developer testing which are key elements of SDLC practices like Agile and DevOps. He will also cover how to take the first steps in making your team more 'Lean.'

Key takeaways include:

  • Understand Lean and each of its principles
  • New Understanding of Lean and Quality
  • Lean's impact on Agile and thinking behind DevOps
  • Taking some 1st steps with Lean

Stream this webinar today and learn how to take the first steps in making your SDLC more Lean, thus improving quality and speeding up delivery in your SDLC.

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