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Today’s Regression Automation Challenge for Continuous Delivery (STP Exclusive)

Regression Automation suites are often one of the biggest challenges for testing in Continuous Delivery implementations. Organizations face many problems, from having a giant monolithic regression suite that is too slow for the rapid execution times required by CI/CD, to having a set of business-critical regression tests that are still being run by Manual Testing, to issues of ownership when it comes to the Automation suites. 

But Regression suites can be transformed and adapted to fit in with Continuous Testing efforts. In this exclusive webinar for Software Testing professionals, LogiGear’s Senior Executive Vice President Michael Hackett discusses how organizations can define goals for automated regression for CD and how to apply CD goals to their Software Testing strategy. Michael will also discuss the following principles:

  • The Modern Continuous Delivery Regression Challenge
  • The Problems Associated with Automated Regression Suites
  • How to Apply Continuous Delivery Goals to your Testing Plan
  • How to Get Started with Automation
    • Methods
    • Test Automation Tools
    • How to Optimize your Existing Continuous Testing Pipeline

Learn how to optimize your existing regression Automation suite and achieve the ROI from Continuous Testing in this on-demand webinar. 

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