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Webinar: 3 Phases to Fortify Your SDLC Processes & Initiatives

Fortifying your software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes can be a daunting initiative, but is necessary for organizations that are looking towards business recovery and resilience. In this webinar, LogiGear’s Senior Vice President Clayton Simmons and Lunavi’s (formerly Green House Data and Deliveron) Luke Swords and Mike Douglass discuss the 3 phases companies can follow to:

  • Fortify and Stabilize your SDLC for a New World
  • Rethink and Reinvent Application Delivery
  • Advance and Accelerate your Success

This webinar and partnership between LogiGear and Lunavi bring focus to critical considerations and priorities that are essential to business recovery and resilience today while helping you reimagine and pursue new possibilities for the future in this exciting, on-demand webinar.

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