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LogiGear Transitions Oil & Gas Giant to the Cloud, Running >200,000 Automated Tests & Increasing Code Coverage by 14.5%

Agile & Cloud Transformation Increases Client’s AUT Code Coverage by 14.5%

In order to stay at the forefront of innovation in their industry, our client sought to transition their suite of E&P applications to the cloud––making them the first of their competitors to do so. In order to ensure they were the first, they needed an accelerated transition, as well as assistance refactoring and further developing their applications to be cloud-native. To support their new cloud platform, they would also need to revamp their testing, and sought to shift-left their testing with an Agile Transformation.

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Project Deliverables and Results included:

  1. Reduction in Regression run time from 2-3 days to daily.
  2. Increased AUT Code Coverage from 20% to 34.5%.
  3. >250 defects found.
  4. >200,000 Automated Test Cases run.

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