Conquer the Common Challenges of Continuous Testing

There are 4 Key Factors to Succeed in Continuous Testing

Software organizations share a common goal: Deliver an engaging customer experience. Thus, QA Leaders have a huge responsibility to deliver product by optimizing the balance between speed and quality; entering stage-right is DevOps. Any DevOps implementation depends on successful Test Automation practices: Since their inception, Test Automation and Continuous Testing (CT) approaches have undergone radical changes and implementation can be a daunting task.

Here’s a few Chanllenges we’ll cover

  • Shift-Left Challenges
  • Challenges with Test Data and Test Environments
  • How to Embrace Shift-Right
  • Challenges associated with Testing in Production

Here’s a few things you’ll learn in this eBook

  1. How to Design and maintain automated tests
  2. Test Management Best Practices
  3. How RPA can help with shift-right efforts

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