The State of Software Testing eBook

Software Testing has changed dramatically in the last decade. This eBook comprises 4 key areas of focus that are being disrupted in the Software Testing today based on a survey series featured in LogiGear Magazine. From Software Development practices like Continuous Delivery and staffing Modern Distributed Test Teams, to Testing Essentials and Test Automation, this eBook was created for helping leaders gain an in-depth understanding of how these trends are impacting the industry and how your Software Testing practice may measures against the rest of the industry

This eBook is divided into 4 sections:

  • What prevents teams from automating more tests to leverage practices like Agile and Continuous Delivery
  • If and how much Agile/Scrum has increased job satisfaction
  • The most important skills people want when picking a distributed team
  • How much time and effort is spent training home office employees vs outsourced staff

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