How Much Should We Automate?

Join LogiGear’s Director of Energy Services Bill Vannerus and Lunavi’s Director of Delivery Engineering Mike Douglas for an exclusive Podcast

With DevOps paving the way for smaller, controlled releases, there is still one barrier to entry: Automation. From toolset choices, to the shared ownership of “quality” between multiple departments, there’s one question that everyone is trying to answer: “How much should we automate?”

Whether you’re looking to implement an Automation program for the first time or overhaul an existing Automation suite, this is the podcast for you! Bill Vannerus, one of the Test Automation industry’s top thought leaders, sat down with seasoned Automation pro Mike Douglas and discussed the critical timing and functions needed for a successful Automation implementation.

From addressing the industry mantra of “automate everything,” to the goals of Test Automation and challenges that organizations have with Automation and Quality Assurance, both Bill and Mike will discuss their real-world experiences in this exciting podcast.

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