A Lean Automation Blueprint for Testing in Continuous Delivery

Lean and Mean Automation for Continuous Delivery

Testing in Continuous Delivery changes Test Automation. It demands more Automation, but also requires immediate feedback. Many test teams today suffer from 2 extremes: (1) Too little or no Automation, or (2) Organizations with hundreds of thousands of tests constantly running all kinds of VMs that take multiple days to execute. Any hope of Continuous Delivery or pipeline Automation makes these states unsustainable.

In this webinar, LogiGear Senior Executive Vice President, Michael Hackett discusses how companies can use the principles of Lean Software Development’s “Lean and mean” as a blueprint for their Software Testing strategy when it comes to creating, running, and executing Lean Automated Testing suites to be successful in Continuous Delivery, as well as:

  • The Modern CD Regression Challenge
  • What is Lean?
  • What is Regression?
  • What is Continuous Delivery?
  • Areas to Consider for Test Automation

Learn how to be successful in creating Lean and mean Continuous Testing suites for Continuous Delivery in this on-demand webinar.

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