Test Design Essentials for Great Test Automation

Part 5 of the DevOps and Continuous Testing Series

In this webinar, LogiGear CTO, Hans Buwalda and Sauce Lab’s Titus Fortner discuss their experiences of how organizations can use “Lean and mean” test design principles in order to create good test coverage and contribute to efficiency in Test Automation.

Titus and Hans will discuss best practices around test design, including:

  • Test Case Creation vs. Test Maintenance Costs
  • Test Failures: What Does a Failure Indicate?
  • Test Failures: What Does a Success do for Contribution/Establishing Trust?
  • Framework Design:
    • Configuration
    • Initialization and Cleanup
    • Assertions on Actions (Tests)
    • Site Modelling Abstractions
    • Wrappers and Helpers
    • Data

Learn how to utilize test design principles to propel your Automated Testing towards success in this on-demand webinar.

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