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With over 26 years of Silicon Valley Testing Expertise, LogiGear prides itself on its thought leadership. Here are some articles that LogiGear staff and executives have authored over the years on all things Software Testing; from testing trends, to testing methodologies like Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD, we’ve written these pieces with one goal in mind: Helping testers and organizations achieve success in their Software Testing and Test Automation projects.

It's difficult enough to keep up with advances in Software Testing. But, when you add to that the growing number of misunderstandings between test teams and leaders about how, where, and when to test—it becomes even more challenging to achieve on-time, quality releases.
In an era of staggering IPOs, the mentality of Silicon Valley and Venture Capitalist-backed startups is "go big or go home." Few entrepreneurs today think of building a long-lasting, 20-years-or-more enterprise. This article will discuss the challenges of starting and growing a business, as well as how to survive and thrive in an on-going, changing environment
Our own Christine Paras, Marketing Manager at LogiGear, shares her thoughts on what it takes to be a woman marketer in the technology industry, as well as lessons for the next generation of tech marketers.
No matter how well-versed you are with testing, or how advanced your Automation technology is, it’s essential to start Automation with  strong test design. Without one, teams can encounter problems that create ineffective, incomplete, and hard-to-maintain tests.
San Francisco-based company Remind—developer of a communication tool for educators, school administrators, parents, and students—faced a predictability problem with its SaaS offering built on microservices until they decided to (purposefully) sabotage their own product with a different kind of test.
Staffing is hard. Getting the right mix of skill sets, hiring good employees with great communication skills, creating positive team chemistry, and finding people of technical competence are all crucial factors for product and project success. This task has become increasingly difficult—particularly in the US.
As our world continues its digital transformation with the advancement of so many technologies, 2018 promises to be a year that further transforms the way we work. These are LogiGear’s predictions for the trends to look out for in Software Testing in 2018.
With the arrival of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), the notion of Continuous Testing (CT) is taking center stage. Knowing that comprehensive tests are running smoothly can be of great benefit for the CI/CD pipeline; but, running tests can be both time and resource consuming—not to mention that tests can become boring and rigid. Using the repetitive character of CI/CD for testing can be a way to address this.
Learn how voice-first designed apps for devices like the Echo/Alexa and Google Home test for security and application flaws.
Testing the Internet of Things (IoT) is one thing, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes it to the next level. A LogiGear executive shares what the company learned from its first serious foray into the world of AI and IoT Testing.

LogiGear has helped countless businesses for more than 26 years optimize their testing. Get in contact with our team of experts and see how LogiGear can help you achieve success in your testing.

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