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Agile Test Automation

Let's Talk About Agile Test Automation

by Michael Hackett and Hans Buwalda

What is Agile Testing Automation? How can automated functional testing fit into agile projects? These are questions we encounter from customers all the time. Agile methods are relatively new to the software world, and hold great promise and many early success stories. With this in mind we've created this eBook for you, "Agile Test Automation".

Written by Michael Hackett and Hans Buwalda, this eBook includes in-depth ways to improve your automation, and includes some projects we've done for a few of our select clients.

Here are a few things you'll learn

  • How to organize your test design and automation architecture
  • How to execute a well planned and organized test design
  • How to create a strategy regarding base data
  • How automated testing timelines work
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Download the eBook

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