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Testing in Continuous Delivery

by Michael Hackett, Thuc Nguyen, Lisa Wells, Henrix Rexed and Shannon Lietz

We've teamed up with Neotys, (formerly Xebia Labs) and the DevSecOps blog to bring together an all-inclusive eBook, Testing in Continuous Delivery which is available for download.

This eBook contains in-depth knowledge that leaders need to know before the start of a Continuous Delivery option. It discusses the following key areas:

  • How to get Started with Continuous Delivery
  • Steps to take before you start Testing in Continuous Delivery
  • Release Pipeline Orchestration
  • Continuous Performance Testing
  • How to Wire Automated Tests into the pipeline
  • How to Shift Security to the Left
  • How to Jumpstart CD
  • Getting the Help you Need

Download the eBook

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