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Reinventing Test Plans: The Definitive Guide for Modern Test Plans in The Agile Era

by Michael Hackett

Let’s face it: test plans have a bad reputation and historically, they may have deserved it! However, we are in a new era of software testing, and to write a test plan in a traditional manner–assuming “testers” are the only guardians of the quality–is outdated and no longer done. But, they still have a place in the testing world.

This eBook is divided into 4 main sections: 

    I.   Introduction – the need for a modern test plan
    II.  Test plan basics
    III. Test plan styles
    IV.  Key takeaways

We’ll cover topics such as test plan history, what goes into a test plan, different styles of test plans, and more. And as an added bonus to you, our reader - we offer access to 4 downloadable test plan templates to help you improve your testing processes and procedures.

Don’t delay - get your free copy today!

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