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Testing Applications on the Web

by Hung Q. Nguyen, Bob Johnson, Michael Hackett and Robert Johnson

With Internet applications spreading like wildfire, the field of Software Testing is increasingly challenged by the brave new networked world of e-business. Software engineers have developed sophisticated test methodologies over the years, but they are inadequate for web-based software. Distributed applications have different performance goals from those of desktop applications, and require networking know-how on the part of the tester.

You'll learn how to:

  • Analyze the complex Web-application model and gain a better understanding of the effective practices for deploying a successful testing strategy
  • Design smart test cases, utilize best test practices, and perform effective bug analysis
  • Identify similarities and differences between testing desktop and mobile Web applications, and devise the winning test plans for each platform
  • Apply advanced and specialized testing techniques including security testing, performance testing, database testing, and server-side testing

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