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Testing in Continuous Delivery eBook

Learn Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Your Continuous Delivery Implementation

As Continuous Delivery rises in popularity, having a successful Test Automation practice is required for a Continuous Delivery adoption to succeed. This is due to the fact that Continuous Delivery’s processes rely heavily on Test Automation, and as a result, Test Automation has become the top barrier to adopting Continuous Delivery.

Test Automation can be challenging for even the largest testing organizations. This includes companies that embark on Automation either by themselves or by using consultants without the necessary experience and often hit roadblocks. Over 38% of teams have acknowledged that they failed at implementing Test Automation their first time. Also, compounding these issues are too many teams often hitting issues with scalability and maintainability, making it hard for test teams to keep up with the velocity required for Testing in Continuous Delivery.

We've teamed up with Neotys, and the DevSecOps blog to bring together an all-inclusive eBook, The Testing in Continuous Delivery Book, which is available for download.

This eBook contains in-depth knowledge that leaders need to know before the start of a Continuous Delivery option. It discusses the following key areas:

  • How to get Started with Continuous Delivery
  • Steps to take before you start Testing in Continuous Delivery
  • Release Pipeline Orchestration
  • Continuous Performance Testing
  • How to Wire Automated Tests into the pipeline
  • How to Shift Security to the Left
  • How to Jumpstart CD
  • Getting the Help you Need

This book is also filled with bonus content to help you get started with CD! The eBook and our solution brings together best of breed vendors, (formerly XebiaLabs) , Neotys, and our own TestArchitect. LogiGear’s engineering services to give you the turnkey solution you need to jumpstart your Continuous Delivery practice and help guarantee your testing fully across the CI/CD pipeline.

In addition to the eBook, we have a full turnkey service offering.

Benefits of our Turnkey CD Solution:

Benefit #1: Get the technical SME you Need

LogiGear staff is highly trained and has a proven track record of helping clients to successfully implement end-to-end testing with complex systems and configuration. By leveraging our staff, you’ll be able to implement Testing in CI/CD correctly from the start.

Benefit #2: Flexible Staffing Options

Whether you’re looking for a long-term staffing solution or a short-term project, LogiGear has you covered. With LogiGear, you’ll have the ability to scale your team as needed based on project demands.

Benefit #3: Gain Access to Silicon Valley Testing Expertise

LogiGear’s engineering service delivery model allows the best of both worlds. With testing staff here in Silicon Valley and in our offshore delivery centers in Vietnam, you’ll be able to work directly with a US based Project Manager, making project coordination easier, while having economical pricing models.

Benefit #4: Leveraging tools created by Market Leaders

You’ll be able to easily configure environments in XL release, automate your test suite with TestArchitect, and implement continuous performance testing with NeoLoad. Best of all, all of these facets streamline your testing process and shift-left seamlessly.

LogiGear’s Automation experts will help you with automating every phase of the pipeline. These areas include but are not limited to:

  • Release Automation: with’s XL Release, we’ll help you set up and configure release Automation for the CI/CD pipeline,
  • Continuous Testing: use TestArchitect and LogiGear’s engineering services to help you ramp up your Test Automation to enterprise levels to quickly reach the rapid scale that you need. With TestArchitect’s propriety Action Based Testing (ABT) language, scale and maintenance is easy.
  • Performance Testing: Our staff can help your team implement and maintain load and performance testing using Neotys’s popular tool, NeoLoad.

Download Here

The success of your digital strategy relies on your ability to deliver fast and reliable software, regularly. Creating great software quickly, using an optimized performance testing process is your competitive advantage–Agile and DevOps are part of the solution. Neotys has over 12 years of development investment into NeoLoad—it is up to 10x faster than other tools when it comes to test creation. Maintenance is easy with NeoLoad. As performance becomes the responsibility of the wider team, continued delivery of an optimized performance testing platform is what drives our work every day.
With a codeless approach, TestArchitect efficiently increases automated testing in Continuous Delivery by enabling early test development and reducing the time to create and maintain reliable Test Automation. To learn more, visit: (formerly Xebia Labs) turns outputs into outcomes. Our Value Stream Platform enables enterprises to deliver secure digital experiences their customers trust.