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The Complete Guide to Building a Selenium Framework

by Thuc Nguyen & Truong Pham

Demand for web development and web testing is huge. As of January 2018, there were over 1.3 billion websites on the internet serving more than 3.8 billion internet users worldwide. As a result, the tooling market is now more competitive than ever. Commercial tool vendors are fiercely challenging each other to get a piece of the test tool pie. But so far, no one has outshone Selenium in terms of popularity and adoption.

Co-Written by Thuc Nguyen & Truong Pham, this eBook will teach you the basics on how to build a complete Selenium Framework from the start. From choosing a programming language, to building the major components of your selenium framework, to plugging it into CI/CD pipeline this ebook teaches you everything you need to know about building and automation with Selenium.

This ebook walks you through the best practices on:

  • How to choose a programming language to write your Selenium tests
  • How to apply commonly used software design patterns such as Factory and PageObject to your framework’s architecture to improve maintainability
  • How to build the major components of your Selenium framework
  • How to integrate your selenium framework with other tools
  • How to plug your selenium framework into the CI/CD pipeline
  • How to detect whether your existing Selenium framework is good or bad

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