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Case Studies

During the entire engagement, the LogiGear team had identified 6,355 bugs, of which 3,075 bugs were fixed. Localization testing involved testing app language strings across 25 languages. Regression test suites vary across the range of routers being tested but usually contain from 100 to 120 test cases.
The client has successfully found a nimble partner to save 58.4% on personnel costs while their test execution time has been reduced from weeks to roughly 4 hours.
Recognizing the needs for a good Test Automation solution, the client decided to look for technology services firms with expertise in Test Automation, especially web testing. All their requirements led the client into contact with LogiGear. Regression cycles used to take lengthy weeks to complete. Now, with LogiGear’s Test Automation, the client can roll out new software versions in just days.
During the entire engagement, LogiGear acted as a strategic partner for Test Automation. This included helping Kratos evolve its concept of the delivery process both for automating tests and in creating an efficient workflow.
SEPTech looked to LogiGear to provide them with a tool that is flexible and has an issues management system, they found these aspects in TestArchitect. Each project has allowed SEPTech to build test cases and simultaneously build regression testing suites that are integrated with their preexisting Accela libraries.
When LeapFrog embarked upon an ambitious strategy for new market leadership in the intensely competitive children's educational electronics industry, improved operational efficiency was critical to success. With LogiGear's help, LeapFrog decreased its QA staff from a range of 30-40, down to 11 full-time and decreased hourly testing costs by 30% below that of its prior outsourcing effort.
Centrify worked with LogiGear to seek a standardized approach to functional testing, reduce technical debt, and maintain test scripts in order to increase automation coverage with each new build. LogiGear automated a number of existing tests, during an initial pilot program and provided training to all of the teams in order to meet Centrify’s objective.
MX Logic's coverage leverages turnkey automation solution to increase automation coverage to 90%.
See how PE Toolkit Team (Haliburton) leverages MS Team Foundation Server, MS Test Manager and LogiGear’s TestArchitect to accelerate their continuous testing process.

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