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TestArchitect, powered by Action-Based Testing, is the functional test automation tool of choice for Oracle business applications EBS and JD Edwards. It’s one of few test automation tools in the market that has native support for Oracle Forms for the most reliable object recognition, whether they’re web-based or Java-based. TestArchitect excels in most is its ability to let business testers be productive in creating tests quickly in an easy to use keyword format, and getting such tests automated quickly and long-term maintainable.
This paper will first discuss the key benefits of software Test Automation, and then examine the most common techniques used to implement software Test Automation. It will then analyze prevalent reasons why Test Automation efforts fail to meet their potential.
Test Automation has the potential to speed up release cycles, increase coverage, and ultimately provide greater confidence in the quality of the software being released. However, software Test Automation can be a costly investment with low returns if not properly executed.
Later on we’ll discuss a modern approach to Keyword-Driven Testing, namely Action-Based Testing.
From years of experience, it has been proven time and again that test design is a major driver for Automation success. Design becomes even more important when dealing with large amounts of data. The tools and techniques that help in managing and inputting data can help or hinder Automation depending on test construction.
Games today must be significantly more complex and innovative from a technological and entertainment perspective to be successful in the hyper-competitive market today. Clearly, these more complex products require a much more sophisticated and smarter testing strategy to support this business need. LogiGear provided product testing services to Anki for its robotic battle-racing game, Anki Overdrive.
The following white paper presents an executive overview of an innovative approach to integrating global resourcing and the latest Test Automation methodologies and tools.
This paper traces the evolution of Software Testing through the first 2 phases, and then presents the current state-of the-the-practice: Software Testing 3.0, an independent and strategic approach to software quality.
This white paper provides a business case for considering Vietnam as an offshore outsourcing destination, and offers specific examples from the IT and software industries, including a US Software Testing firm with a facility in Vietnam.

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