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Selenium Automation Solution and Proof of Concept

Let LogiGear Help You Transform Your Testing Process With a Selenium Automation proof of concept

Success in Software Testing With Selenium Requires Expertise and Experience

Are you ready to start overhauling your Software Testing journey? 

Learn how to get started on your testing journey with LogiGear's proof of concept program. From set-up, to configuration to executing test cases, we'll guide you through a successful transformation to overhaul your testing process. 

Engagement Approach

LogiGear offers a hybrid model for testing solutions. You'll receive:

  • A U.S. Based Project Manager, and an offshore delivery team based in Vietnam. 
  • Software Testing Strategy for Selenium Automation consulting
  • Test Scripting and execution using leading tool: Selenium WebDriver.

Get Your Proof of Concept

We're here to lend a hand; let us see how we can help you on your Testing Journey

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