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Corporate QA Training Curriculum

QA Training Designed for Flexibility and Customized to Your Needs

LogiGear’s corporate training program helps organizations equip their testers with the relevant concepts, strategies, test methods, and skills needed to effectively test increasingly complex software applications. Blending our training classes with your internal process creates an optimal body of testing knowledge that enables development teams to resolve Software Testing challenges faster, find bugs sooner, and create a culture of Software Testing excellence.
  • Do more in less time with fewer resources

  • Test larger and more complex systems

  • Collaborate with team members around the world

  • Communicate among teams using different tools, processes, and terminology

  • Be more Agile

Programs often include creating content for:
  • Technical glossaries

  • New Automation frameworks for your desired toolset or test case management system

LogiGear’s Corporate Curriculum

This 2-day training course focuses on developing many of the “soft” skills needed to lead and manage offshore teams.
This 2-day training course gives Test Engineers a global understanding of exploratory testing.
This training course provides effective strategies and tactics to support the goals of Agile development.
This 3-day training course focuses on strategic and tactical approaches to Software Testing.
This 2-day training course focuses on developing a strategic approach to test project management, as well as some of the "soft" skills needed to lead and manage a team.
This 2-day, hands-on training course offers an intensive workshop on a wide variety of testing methods and test case development strategies.
This 2-day, hands-on training course provides Test Engineers with useful techniques and applications of technologies that enable them to get the right testing done at the right time, with better focus and more intelligence.

“Testing Computer Software is an excellent course. My entire staff is encouraged to take this course.”

Emily Campbell | Product Test Manager

Ready to transform your testing process?

Developed from decades of practical experience and academic research, LogiGear training empowers your team to meet the challenges of emerging technologies, evolving testing techniques, and a changing economy with comprehensive Software Testing curriculum. Get in contact with our team of experts to see how LogiGear can bring this same level of training and testing expertise to your organization.

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