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Effective Test Case Design and Management

This 2-day, hands-on training course offers an intensive workshop on a wide variety of testing methods and test case development strategies. For better effectiveness and test coverage, we must be armed with a wider variety of methodologies and approaches than simply requirements-based or ad hoc testing. Many testers and test leads dread the greater demand for documenting their work, even as more groups move to use test management tools. This course discusses strategies to deal with this problem.


The course is designed for those who already have a solid understanding of software quality and testing. In this course, we will provide thorough, hands-on examples, and practical state-of-the-art methods for effective Software Testing and test communication throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). It also includes best practices for documenting test cases for Automation Testing. You will learn how to create useful test cases, test matrices, and models, as well as how to move from spreadsheets and matrices to test case management (TCM) tools.

Who Should Attend?

Software Testers, Business Analysts, Test Managers, Testers, Test Engineers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Project Managers, and stakeholders who will be planning the testing effort, or developing test plans and test cases for software development projects.

Course Materials (Included):

We provide a handbook (approximately 300 pages) that includes copies of the course slides, a few recent publications, and a list of useful print and online resources.

What You Will Learn?

At the completion of the course, participants should be able to understand:

  • Essential test case development

  • Full lifecycle testing strategies

  • How various development methods affect testing and test documentation

  • Tips for writing excellent test scenarios

  • Keys to developing effective test cases for Automation Testing

  • Test selection

  • Data selection

  • Best practices for test case maintenance

    • Dealing with shifting requirements

    • How to formulate reusable test suites

  • How test case management tools are used

  • A variety of test methods:

    • Requirements-based testing, including requirements traceability and requirements stability

    • Test case basics

    • Keyword-Driven or Action-Based Testing (ABT) methodology

    • State transition/state model-based testing

    • Exploratory and effective ad hoc testing approaches

    • Equivalence class partitioning and boundary value analysis

    • Regression testing

    • Fault injection / forced error / negative testing

    • Diagnostic Approach to Software Testing (DAST)

    • Data-driven testing (DDT)

    • Risk-based testing

Course Outline

  • Full lifecycle test strategies

  • Glossary - Putting the concepts together

  • Test case essentials

  • Test methods

  • Test case development

  • Test cases for Automation

  • Equivalent class partitioning and boundary value analysis data selection

  • Test selection

  • Test case management systems



  • Completion of Testing Computer Software

  • 6 months of experience in Software Testing

  • One year of experience in software development management, or equivalent.

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