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Lead Software Test Projects with Confidence

Testing is a sub-project within an overall development project. To be successful, testing needs to be managed effectively while also addressing testing's unique aspects, which can make everything even more challenging than the already difficult job of managing a typical project.

This 2-day training course focuses on developing a strategic approach to test project management, effective communication, bug-database management, implementation and use of test management tools, resource planning, and successful test execution, as well as some of the "soft" skills needed to lead and manage a team.


This interactive course demonstrates how to manage testing as a project that provides high-quality results on time and within budget. Leading Software Test Projects with Confidence also helps Test Leads to effectively communicate the value of their testing, work with offshore teams, deal with project politics, and negotiate for scarce time, resources, and influence.

The application of these concepts will be demonstrated in in-class exercises. Course participants will learn to maximize test productivity while minimizing quality risks and stress.

Who Should Attend?

  • Experienced Software Testers, Test Engineers, and Project Managers who will be planning and executing the testing of a software development project.

  • Anyone who wants to develop practical test-planning and test-group management skills for successful management of Software Testing projects.

Course Materials (Included):

We will provide a handbook (approximately 400 pages) that includes copies of the course slides, sample project test schedules and project map, sample test plan materials, sample matrices and graphs, practical exercises, and lists of useful print and online resources.

What You Will Learn?

At the completion of this course, participants should be able to:

Develop Leadership Skills

  • Understand the test tools available for use on a project

  • Be well-versed in team-building techniques

  • Know hiring strategies

  • Understand aspects of building a successful outsourced/offshore team

  • Effectively communicate

Understand Project Planning and Strategizing

  • Define tasks and deliverables

  • Perform resource planning

  • Understand test project size estimation methods

  • Understand project mapping and scheduling

  • Understand risk-based testing methodology

  • Write meaningful test plans

  • Understand the essentials of outsourcing and the issues of offshore resources

Understand Project Management

  • Understand and manage the politics of leading test projects

  • Report on project progress and test coverage

  • Understand the essentials of test management documentation

  • Manage the bug database

  • Manage test resources

Perform Project Analysis

  • Develop project analysis skills

  • Make effective use of meaningful project and bug-database metrics

  • Perform project retrospectives

Course Outline

Overview of Test Project Planning

  • What is a test lead?

  • A different understanding of quality

The Test Plan

Common Issues for Test Leads

  • Leadership

  • Fostering good communication

  • Hiring

  • Outsourcing

  • Activity during final

  • Post-release

  • Preparing for the next project

Test Project Documentation or Deliverables

  • Test case management tool

  • The bug tracking system

  • Project & bug metrics

  • Reporting progress with status reports

Understanding a Software Project

  • The big picture

  • The software development lifecycle (SDLC)

  • The small picture: Getting the details for a project

  • Test project size estimation methods

  • Coverage

  • Test goals

  • Risk-based testing, prioritizing, and test selection

  • Negotiations and agreements

  • Making a project map


  • Completion of Testing Computer Software

  • 6 months of experience in Software Testing,

  • One year of experience in software development management, or equivalent.

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