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Get a clear picture of what's going on

The goal of doing a test strategy assessment is to get a clear picture of what is going on in testing — the good things, the problems, and possible paths to improvement.

Fundamentally, a test assessment is a data-gathering process. To make effective decisions, we gather data about your current test processes and their effectiveness from across organizational and managerial boundaries.

It is important to note that when embarking upon such an assessment that this effort is much larger than the test team alone. Issues will arise over ownership of quality, as well as the goals of testing. And, possibly, work may actually increase.

A successful assessment process requires:

  • Executive sponsorship
  • A measurement program
  • Tools to support change
  • An acceptance of some level of risk
  • Avoidance of blaming testing for project-wide failures
  • Commitment to the goals of testing
  • An understanding of testing or quality assurance across the product team
  • Responsibility for quality

A test strategy is a holistic plan. We start by gaining a clear understanding of the core objective of testing by performing an assessment to understand the criteria necessary for your success. From this we derive a structure for testing by selecting from many testing styles and approaches available meet your objectives.

Implementing the resulting roadmap for improvement will allow you to substantially improve the performance of your software testing organization and solidify your test strategy.

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