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Multilingual Automation QA Localization Solutions

Your Software. Localized. Tested. Good-to-go.

Comprehensive quality assurance localization testing improves user experience for companies looking to expand their mobile or desktop application into new markets.

Enter Multilingual Test Automation.

With Automation, you can automate one language once, and then scale quickly to all other supported languages, all while reducing maintenance costs and helping to keep up with the rapid software release cycles that are required for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies. You’ll be able to release your product to the market faster, providing a competitive advantage and helping you realize ROI faster.

LogiGear Multilingual Automation Localization Services

Make Multilingual Automated Testing a top priority for your testing process. Test Automation reduces testing costs while releasing software improvements faster and with higher quality.

LogiGear’s solution includes reusable frameworks preconfigured for localization testing, and our Automation professionals will work closely with you to understand your pain-points and create a tailored Automation solution that generates outstanding ROI.

LogiGear can perform localization testing for a variety of languages, including but not limited to: English and the Double-byte languages, e.g.  Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.

Our Multilingual Localization Quality Assurance Solution includes, but is not limited to testing for the following areas:

  • Simultaneous multi-language testing:
    • Side-by-side testing
  • Multilingual Automation Testing:
    • Automate once, run with 2 or more languages
  • Internationalization & Localization Quality Assurance Testing
    • Engineering, Automation, and testing
  • Desktop, mobile, and IoT Testing (SMAC testing)
  • Games Testing
  • Responsiveness Testing

Our Benefits

  • Deep domain expertise in the gaming industry and Automation
  • Proven processes, including Test Automation via TestArchitect
  • Ability to ramp up or ramp down quickly

Localization Test Automation Approach

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