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Robotic Process Automation Solutions

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be a godsend to businesses that are looking to streamline their operations processes. Robots work 24/7, providing predictability, dependability, and continuity of service–even during spikes in demand.

The speed and efficiency of intelligent RPA reduces the risk of transaction errors (e.g. incorrect data inputs, incomplete process) and reduces process cycle time. With a reduction in cycles by 50% or more, RPA allows your staff time to devote greater attention to cases and tasks that need more cognitive thinking or empathy.

The biggest challenges associated with implementing RPA often occur with teams that lack expertise in RPA. Setting up RPA needs an expert for every stage of the process, from set up and creation to implementation and optimization. This will ensure that processes are set up correctly for the required functionalities and that architecture and compliance needs are met.

Robotic Process Automation Service Offering

LogiGear implements Robotic Process Automation Implementations for world-class organizations. Our staff is trained in leading RPA Solutions like Automation Anywhere and UIPath. They can guide you through the creation, set up, and optimization of your bots.

Why LogiGear?

LogiGear has over 2 decades of experience in providing Corporate Software Testing and Software Development Solutions. We’ll turn Robotic Process Automation into your competitive edge by optimizing your bots and workflows, and increasing operational efficiencies.

LogiGear can help you implement, maintain, and optimize your RPA practice. Our staff is certified in leading RPA tools, including Automation Anywhere and UIPath.

Engagement Approach

LogiGear will follow a structured approach to avoid business disruptions. This will ensure that your company can handle the needed changes associated with RPA. In a typical engagement process our RPA Experts will work with you to do the following:

We’ll first work with you to target the best business processes, and understand your overall strategy for RPA implementation.

Then we’ll identify and assess the best areas for implementation of RPA within your business processes. Part of this will include a visibility assessment, ROI assessment, and prioritization for bot creation. Criteria can include the following areas: amount in reduction of manual work, reduction in errors in data entry, etc.

We’ll then work with you to create your RPA bots. These will be designed for maximum efficiency. This will include:

  • Initial Design of Bots and Workflows

  • Implementation of Bots

  • Testing and Deployment of Bots

  • Additional support and maintenance for the bots for any future updates to business processes and software involved.

Leverage LogiGear's expertise to transform your business’s operations by using RPA. We can help clients overcome common barriers to Robotic Process Automation and help them streamline their processes, thereby increasing the efficiencies of their processes.

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