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Test Automation Solutions. Modern Digital Assurance.

Automated Testing helps organizations reduce testing cycle time without sacrificing quality.

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Manual Testing can be hard to fit in the rapid sprint cycles that are typical for both Agile development and DevOps. Most organizations turn to Test Automation to help their QA teams keep up with the pace required for Digital Transformation; but high-speed modernization can be challenging for even the largest testing organizations. Some companies may lack the in-house technical expertise for Automation or may have a complex system that requires a reconfiguration for Automation to be successful. Often, companies adopt Agile and DevOps, but find that their testing suites are not delivering the rapid feedback that’s needed.

“We are now able to run automated tests on every check-in, nightly, and every weekend. The automated tests cover in 24 hours what used to take us several weeks to run manually.”

Chris Dunn | VP of Engineering

While hiring Automation consultants can be a solution, these consultants don’t always have the technical expertise to help with key aspects of Test Automation, such as scaling testing for Continuous Delivery or helping with long-term maintainability of test scripts.

A more effective, long-term solution is to hire strategic Software Testing support that can help you start implementing Test Automation. Quality support will ensure that you’re able to implement Test Automation correctly from start to finish.

Test Automation Solutions

Our Test Automation services include:
  • Test Automation strategy consulting
  • Test Automation tool evaluation and selection
  • Test Automation scripting and execution using leading tools, such as Selenium/Appium, Unified Functional Test (QuickTest Pro), TestComplete, and TestArchitect
  • Test Automation framework development
  • Automated Omni-Channel Testing: web, mobile, wearables, voice, etc.
  • Test Automation for all major technologies & platforms: cross-browser, Web APIs/Services, Mobile, Desktop (.Net, Java, etc), ERP (SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.), etc.

Engagement Approach

LogiGear’s Test Automation services will help you implement Test Automation for both Agile and DevOps processes. Our Test Automation professionals will help you at each step along the way of your Automation implementation; from helping to select the test cases that are best suited for Automation, to configuring your testing toolset for rapid enterprise Automation, we’ll work with you to scale and maintain your new automated test suites. Whether you’re new to Automation Testing or have a complex testing scenario, we can help you successfully transition to DevOps to maximize the ROI of your investment and make sure you keep up with modern SDLC practices.

Automation Strategy
Automation Strategy
Through a Proof of Concept (POC), LogiGear consultants will audit your existing testing processes, test suites, and test execution infrastructure to establish a roadmap for implementing and scaling Automation.
Testing Tools & Test Automation frameworks
Testing Tools & Test Automation frameworks
Our Automation experts are tool agnostic, meaning they can work with your preferred testing tools and Test Automation frameworks, our pre-built Automation frameworks, or customize as needed. Don’t have a Test Automation tool? We can suggest one that will work best for you!
Specialized Automation Testing services by Automation experts
Our Automation testers have extensive experience working with leading test tools, including popular open-source testing tools like Selenium/Appium and Protractor, or proprietary testing tools like HP Unified Functional Test (QuickTest Pro), SmartBear’s TestComplete, and our own codeless Test Automation tool, TestArchitect. We can help you extend these 'out-of-the-box' tools to fit in with your unique Automation needs, thereby achieving a higher ROI.
Recommend Automation Best Practices
Our consultants can implement best practices to increase your productivity, reduce post-production issues, create reusable artifacts, and improve overall testing for maximizing Agile or Continuous Testing. This is achieved by setting up effective communication processes, creating or enhancing existing artifacts for future use, and creating a knowledge repository for cross-functional training.
Test Execution
Test Execution
We can automate and execute your regression test suites using VMs, Docker containers, or cloud-based virtualization services such as Sauce Labs’ Real Device Cloud. We can also hand off these automated test cases to your test team to perform test execution.
Scalability and Maintainability
Scalability & Maintainability
Our experience has shown that test design is the single most important factor in building a scalable and maintainable Automation program. We employ test design best practices to ensure the optimal reusability & maintainability across business units’ projects.
Maintenance & Support
We can support your in-house team to maintain the automated test suites on an as-need basis, or provide best practices to let this happen in-house.

Why LogiGear?

With over 2 decades of developing and implementing a leading Test Automation tool, method, and practices, LogiGear is one of the few firms that specialize in Test Automation with the depth and breadth of services to ensure your success in Digital Assurance. We’ll make Test Automation become your business’ competitive edge by continuously releasing higher-quality applications faster.

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