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Continuous Testing and Proof of Concept

Let LogiGear Help You Transform your Testing Process to Continuous Testing.

Get Your Proof Of Concept

Success in Continuous Testing Requires Expertise and Experience

Successful Continuous Testing (CT) is a competitive advantage, helping businesses deliver value to their customers faster and with higher quality. However, making the jump to CT isn’t simple as saying "We’re going to do DevOps."

The initial effort required to pick, setup, and configure the tools and frameworks to get an end-to-end Automation process running successfully for CI/CD can be daunting. The substantial investment for research and the substantial financial costs of adopting DevOps are one of the biggest deterrents organizations face when it comes to Software Development today. Plus, the possibility of interrupting day-to-day operations makes software delivery a daunting task.

LogiGear’s Turnkey Continuous Testing Services

This package is designed to help firms that are looking to implement CI/CD rapidly. Our testing experts will help you to:

  • Set up, configure, write, and build of Scripts to embed your Test Automation suite into your existing Continuous Delivery pipeline.
  • Custom plug-in development for your Continuous Delivery toolset of choice to maximize the benefits of Continuous Integration, including your Test Automation tool/framework, test management system, etc.

Engagement Approach

LogiGear‘s solution includes proprietary, open source tools, along with Automation professionals who work intimately with clients to understand the specific pain-points and create a tailored Continuous Testing solution that can provide outstanding Automation ROI.

Continuous Testing strategy
Through a proof of concept (POC), LogiGear consultants will audit your existing testing process, test suites, and test execution infrastructure to establish a roadmap for implementing and scaling Automation.
Tools & frameworks:
Tools & frameworks
Our Automation experts can work with your preferred tools/frameworks, our prebuilt frameworks, or customize as needed. Don’t have a Test Automation tool? We can suggest one that will work best for you.
Specialized Automation experts
Our Automation testers have extensive experience working with leading test tools, including Selenium/Appium, Protractor, Unified Functional Test (QuickTest Pro), TestComplete, and TestArchitect. We can help you extend the 'out of the box' tools to fit in with your unique Automation/Continuous Testing issues, thereby getting more out of them and a higher ROI.
Recommend Automation best practices
Our consultants can implement the best practices to increase productivity, reduce post-production issues, create reusable artifacts, and improve overall testing. This is achieved by setting up effective communication processes, creating or enhancing existing artifacts for future use, and creating a knowledge repository for cross-functional training.
Test execution
We can run regression tests using VMs, Docker containers, or cloud-based virtualization services such as Sauce Labs. We can also hand off these automated test cases to your test team to perform test execution.
Scalability and Maintainability
Our experience has shown that test design is the single most important factor in building a scalable and maintainable Automation program. We employ test design best practices to ensure the optimal reusability & maintainability across business units’ projects.
Maintenance & Support
We can support your in-house team to maintain the automated test suites on an as-need basis, or provide the best practices to let this happen in house.

See How TestArchitect Makes
Continuous Testing Easy

Leverage the expertise of LogiGear to transform your business’s testing process from a manual to a fully automated Continuous Testing process. We can help clients overcome common barriers to DevOps, like low Test Automation coverage, unmanageable test maintenance, and lack of a unified platform.

Why LogiGear?

With over 2 decades of developing and implementing a leading Test Automation tool, method and practices, LogiGear is one of the few firms that specialize in Test Automation with the depth and breadth of services to ensure your success. We’ll make Continuous Testing become your business’s competitive edge by continuously releasing higher quality applications faster.

LogiGear can help you make the leap to Continuous Testing. Our staff are well-trained in leading Software Testing tools that help your in-house team automate regression testing to accelerate the Continuous Testing process.

LogiGear has helped countless businesses for more than 26 years optimize their testing. Get in contact with our team of experts and see how LogiGear can help you achieve success in your testing.

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