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Continuous Testing Solution


Continuous Testing Transformation with LogiGear—Overcoming the Top 6 CT Barriers

Continuous Testing (CT) is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate. CT is an integral part of Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps practices

Successful Continuous Testing is a competitive advantage, enabling businesses to deliver value to their customers with higher quality faster. However, making the jump to CT isn’t simple. Some of our clients were stuck with low coverage automation suites, others had dominant manual testing process in place; working with LogiGear, they successfully transformed to CT, and gained the full benefits of CT programs.

If you feel that your testing process is not achieving the expected benefits of CD/DevOps development initiative, we can help.

Here are the top 6 barriers LogiGear has helped our clients to overcome:

1. Start-up Cost

The initial effort required to pick, setup and configure the tools and frameworks to get to a running automation process can be daunting. The substantial investment for heavy investment for research and substantial financial cost coupled with the added possibly of interrupting your day-to-day operations have been a big deterrent for many organizations.

2. Test Automation Coverage Is Low

In Agile development, you should not write more code than you can test. An inability to automate enough tests at speed results in less features being developed.

3. Tests Maintenance Is Unmanageable

Creating a few dozen automated test cases is easy. Maintaining them overtime and scaling your test suite to hundreds or even thousands of tests is sometimes, excessive and expensive. Maintenance remains the most challenging issue in test automation, especially when app changes happen frequently.

4. Lack of Coordinated End-to-End Testing Strategy

Tests can be automated at many layers: unit, service/API integration or GUI. Unit and service/API integration tests are closer to the code while the GUI-based tests validate the system from user perspective. Not knowing how many tests should be done at what level prevents teams from going fast while minimizing risks.

5. Lack of Unified Platform for Quality Reporting and Collaboration

Not having a unified platform like an ALM system makes it very hard to collaborate in a cross-functional team. In QA, a lack of consolidated reports that provide actionable insights means there’s no control over the product quality. Ultimately this holds teams up because Continuous Delivery requires real-time quality assessments to objectively decide go or no-go for a production push.

6. The Myth “You Can’t Do Continuous Testing with Legacy Systems”

Many legacy systems weren’t designed with the testability in mind. Many features with complex business logics have evolved over the years. Another added issue is that different system’s layers chain with each other. All these reasons make automated testing at the code level for legacy systems almost impossible. While unit testing and integration testing can be added incrementally, aggressively building up the full regression test suite from UI level would help the legacy system retain its quality from user’s perspective, but an added level of expertise is needed to implement this.

Why LogiGear?

With over two decades of researching, developing, and implementing lead practices, our results-driven engagement model has enabled our clients to increase test productivity and efficiency, reduce time-to-market, cost and overall stress while having confidence in software releases.

The Result-Centric Model:

  • Values are measured by what we deliver, not what we do.
  • Proven automation production method that capitalizes on high velocity and efficiency that can integrate seamlessly with your existing process.
  • Modernized, robust and continuously evolving framework-technology that simplifies the handling of application platform rapid changes.
  • Access to specialized, full-stack test automation experts and researchers and leading-practitioners.

What You Can Expect From Us:

  • Achieving optimum test automation coverage.
  • Clear your test automation backlogs so that you can test more, worry less.
  • Elasticity—Rapid ramping up/down.
  • Unblock currently unsupported platforms/controls in the market.
  • A reliable strategic partner.

Training & Consulting

Training & Consulting Services for Testing in Agile Development

LogiGear Training & Consulting is committed to helping you maximize the ROI and drive the adoption of Agile testing practices into your organization. Our team of consultants utilize the knowledge gained from helping other organizations to transform their testing processes. Whether you have just begun your Continuous Testing Journey and Continuous Delivery Journey, or you’ve already had existing initiatives afoot, we can help you define, fine-tune and implement the testing strategy that is aligned with your business objectives.

For our full range of consulting and training services

CI Jumpstart

Continuous Integration Jumpstart and Optimization Services

  • Get your CI process up and running in no time.
  • Optimize the build script & automate the whole testing process wherever possible.
Key Values and Deliverables You Get:
  • Setup, configure & write build script to embed QA’s automation test suite to existing CI process to run tests unattended.
  • Custom plug-in development for your CI tool of choice to maximize the benefits of your tool set: CI, test automation tool/framework, test management system.
  • Continuously optimize and automate manual steps in test cycle.
Tools: TFS, Jenkins, TeamCity, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, Git, SVN, etc.

Continuous Testing with Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server

TFS-MTM Intergration Intro Video

Team Foundation Server (TFS) has become the standard ALM of choice in enterprises. LogiGear’s custom-made solution for Visual Studio and TFS brings testing, test automation and continuous integration together in the most effective and collaborative way.

QA Teams can download tests from TFS/MS Test Manager, automate them in TestArchitect, then execute the automated tests within the CI process and get test results uploaded back to its TFS hub, and more.

Framework and Technologies

LogiGear’s Continuously Evolving Frameworks and Technologies

LogiGear Prides Itself on:

  • Solving complex test automation problems.
  • Helping organizations deliver higher test coverage at higher speed.
  • Lowering cost.

Many of our clients have used LogiGear’s TestArchitect, the automation acceleration platform that enables them to quickly develop large volumes of easy-to-maintain automated tests from day one. It embeds the modern, module-based, keyword-driven authoring platform that eliminates most coding needs. Using TestArchitect, LogiGear has helped leading companies such as Halliburton, McAfee, General Mills and Electronic Arts succeeded in their large-scale test automation programs.

Others have used LogiGear’s OpenSource automation solutions through our frameworks for Selenium and Web Services to precisely meet their unique needs. Proven practices such as TDD, ATDD and BDD are blended with integration supports for CI tools and ALM tools to accelerate continuous testing transformation.

These frameworks and technologies have delivered great values to many of our clients and will continue to evolve to ensure that they fulfill the changing needs of new technology, the market and our clients in their Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery and DevOps journey.

Sample Tests

A TestArchitect test module
A Selenium test
A web service test using BDD

Test Automation Services

Our Offering

For over two decades, LogiGear has solved complex test automation challenges for our clients. We’ve gained deep experience and plan to use it to guide you through your Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery and DevOps transformation journey.

Full-range of large-scale test automation services

We offer a full-range of test automation services to help your organization transform your testing process from manual testing processes to continuous testing. Our test automation expert consultants and engineers leverage the leading tools and practices to ensure the optimum result: faster time-to-market, cost reduction, and peace of mind.

Deliverables and Values You Get

  • Get the most bang for your automation buck.
  • Achieve 80%+ plus test automation coverage with less time and effort.
  • Achieve positive ROI immediately.
  • Ready-to-use and thoughtfully-designed frameworks that reduce regression suite creation and maintenance time significantly.
  • Agile automation—Start automating early and completed within the same sprint iteration.

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