LogiGear KICK START SUMMIT 2023 – Connect, Innovate and Grow

Welcome dear readers! Today, let’s dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the LogiGear KICK START SUMMIT 2023, a unique event of passion and innovation in the software industry of LogiGear.

1. Welcoming Guests and New Employees

The first rays of the event opened with an atmosphere brimming with energy, welcoming esteemed guests and the fresh faces of LogiGear’s creative minds. Every step taken here is a new beginning, and we had the opportunity to share joy and excitement together.

2. Greetings from Yasumasa Ninomiya – President and CEO Digital Hearts Holdings

Nothing can replace the anticipation as Yasumasa Ninomiya, the talented leader of Digital Hearts Holdings, kicked off the event with lively words about innovation and the importance of new beginnings in the digital world.

3. Promises for the Future

LogiGear KICK START SUMMIT 2023 is not just an event for sharing knowledge and current successes. It’s a place to explore new opportunities for the future. Our outstanding individuals will work together to build new milestones, laying the foundation for LogiGear’s innovation and advancement in the coming years.



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